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The notion of Burmese women might seem weird to foreigners, as the country of Burma is mainly known as Myanmar. It is a distant country in the Southeast Asian region, so Western people don’t hear much about it on the news or travel programs. Still, the charming Burmese women happen to be some of the best mail order brides.

Why Are Burmese Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Burmese women used to be mainly popular among the men from nearby countries, including China and South Korea. However, the situation has recently changed. Burmese women have started becoming popular among men from the Western countries as well. Here are the reasons for it:

myanmar women

  • They look stunning. It’s hard to deny the fact that the beauty of the bride is the first thing that most men consider for getting married. You will spend the rest of your life with this person, so you surely want her to be aesthetically attractive. The appearance of Burmese girls is not very diverse as most of them have sun-kissed skin, black hair, and strong facial features. Thus, they don’t need makeup to look effortlessly stunning, although they still know how to make their best features more striking. An average Burmese woman is not very tall and quite curvy. The best thing about their bodies is that they can easily retain their looks.
  • They are loyal. From early childhood, Burmese women start thinking of their family lives. Having traditional views on family, they want to spend the rest of their life with their husband. As soon as they find their perfect match, they show him all the respect and care they can. One of the most recognizable traits of a Burmese woman is her faithfulness and loyalty. When she gets married, she wants this marriage to last for a lifetime.
  • They have great moral values. Myanmar is a mainly Buddhist country, meaning that religion plays a crucial role in the lives of local people. In fact, religion is not just a small part of their personalities; it’s a moral principle determining their behavior throughout their lives. There is a high possibility that your Burmese wife will be religious, but that won’t affect your life or relationship in a bad way. Apart from affecting her attitude to her husband and making her the most faithful wife, religion also makes the moral values of Burmese women unique. These are some of the most peaceful and loyal women you have ever met. So, you are guaranteed to stay loved and cared for in your marriage to a Burmese woman.
  • They are smart and intelligent. Although marriage and family is one of the major priorities for an average Burmese bride, it is not the only thing they think of. In Myanmar, family and education are highly appreciated in society. As a result, parents try to invest as much as they can into giving their children’s good education.

As you can see, there are enough reasons to consider one of Burmese women as excellent marriage material. They can be viewed as a great combination of physical beauty and intelligence. Thys, Burmese women are so good to be with. You will always find a topic for discussions as they can support a conversation on anything. Furthermore, many of them have career considerations and keep working even after they get married, which means your marriage will look like a happy partnership.

Why Are Burmese Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Burmese ladies aren’t that known to a broad audience, especially in comparison with their neighbors – Indian, Thai, and Chinese ladies. Women in Burma were independent for centuries. Moreover, this country had a matriarchal system long ago. These aspects influenced their mindset, but modern Burmese ladies prefer to marry strong and manly men who may become the heads of the family.

Native men often lack masculinity, and ladies from Burma pay great attention to it. That’s why the answer to the question “Why are Burmese ladies looking for a husband abroad?” is evident.

The economy of this country is one of the least developed in the world, so Burmese girls simply want to make their life better. But it doesn’t mean that they have an ax to grind. First of all, Burmese ladies want to feel needed, and the husband’s income has nothing to do with this. Don’t think that women in this country have only marriage in mind too. Parents care about their education; that’s why you don’t get a captivated woman. Burmese wife is a great mother who can bring up your kids and an excellent homemaker who can watch the house and keep it clean.

What Are Burmese Brides Like

When a Burmese woman becomes your bride, it means that things get serious between the two of you. Thus, you will get an opportunity to learn even more things about her, which convince you in your right choice. Here are some of the most coveted traits of Burmese brides:

burmese women

  1. They are good at household duties. Taking care of the house and cooking healthy food are two major things they learn from their mothers and grandmothers. They love to do things about the house as it’s a nice way for them to showcase their love and care for their husband and children. If you are dreaming about a cozy home and delicious dinner, the things are about to go right with a Burmese mail order bride.
  2. They become great mothers. Burmese women can hardly think of a family without children. It doesn’t mean that she is going to pressure you into having children, but this idea will be on her mind from the moment your relationship gets serious. When you finally decide to settle down, you should know that a Burmese woman is the best candidate for the role of a mother of your children. Thanks to amazing natural instincts, she can give your child much love and affection.
  3. They are never boring. Burmese women may look a bit reserved at first, but she will behave differently when she gets comfortable around you. In your relationship with a local woman, you won’t feel dull thanks to her charming and easy-going nature.

Whether you are meeting with friends or staying at home by watching TV, your Burmese bride will always have the right words to cheer you up. And you will love her even more as soon as you see how honest and faithful she can be to you, her parents, relatives,  and friends!

Where You Can Meet Single Burmese Ladies?

Myanmar is not among those countries that give some bright business opportunities or tourist attractions. Thus, your chances of finding work or enjoying a vacation in this country are quite low. Consequently, meeting the love of your life among Burmese women is hardly possible. Due to the economic struggles, not many local women can go abroad. So, you are very unlikely to find them occasionally in other parts of the world.

The best way to find a Burmese bride is to register on one of the many Asian dating websites. They offer you a great chance to find hundreds of Burmese brides and pick up the one that suits you the best.

How to Find a Reliable Burmese Dating Website?

myanmer girlThese days, there is no lack of Burmese dating websites, but not all of them are equally credible. Thus, there were many cases when Western men searching for a bride online were scammed either by the website itself or by independent scammers. Have a look at the following features when selecting a dating website for your order mail bride search:

  • Profile verification. The most credible dating websites always have some mandatory verification procedures for their female members. All the applicants have to upload the official ID for further verification.
  • Customer support. As a member of the dating website, you surely have some questions or even issues that require resolutions. It’s up to the dating service to provide you with professional assistance whenever you need it.
  • Affordable costs. It is a well-known fact that most reliable dating websites can be accessed on a chargeable basis. But it doesn’t mean that a completed payment serves as a 100% guarantee of the website’s credibility. Some dating services just try to steal your money by charging you huge service fees for every action you want to take. Instead, you should analyze how reasonable the payment is before taking money from your pocket.

Tips on Dating a Burmese Girl

A lot of men across the world dream of Burmese women but not everyone wants to get deeper into details of local traditions. But this is an important aspect of international dating. While Burmese women know enough about Western culture, you should also learn something about dating rules in this country. There are some tricks you should use to make things go well with Burmese girls.

  • If you find a Burmese bride on an international dating website, it means she has already made up her mind to get married to a foreign man. This fact makes your job much easier. At the same time, these women usually need a lot of effort to be convinced to get married to you because of overwhelming attention they get from men. Thus, they are looking for the best candidate among hundreds or even thousands of men.
  • To maximize your chances of catching the right Burmese girl, you should demonstrate your serious intentions to her. Burmese singles don’t like it when men waste their time for silly talks. So, if you are interested in marriage and family, let your Burmese girl know about it straight away.
  • For Burmese women, family is the most crucial thing. This includes not only their husband and children, but also their parents and relatives. If you are going to support her family as well as herself, she will fall for you easily.

Finally, Burmese women are not familiar with the ideas of feminism. So, they are not asking their husbands for equal positions in a relationship. Being a bit old-fashioned, they love it when men take the reign. If you behave like a real gentleman, you will be able to secure the love of your Burmese wife for many years. You can be sure she will not go anywhere from you!


At the moment, Burmese women are gaining popularity but they are still relatively unknown in the mail order bride sector. Thus, Western men as the most desirable husbands don’t know about the existence of these charming women. Once you have discovered them, you have a great chance to choose from the most beautiful bachelorettes Myanmar has to offer. All you have to do is to sign up for one of the Burmese dating websites and get ready for total marital routine.