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Germany has the strongest economy among all European countries. The way of living here significantly differs from the lifestyle in surrounding countries, but a lot of people dream of living in this country. The crucial stumbling block is the German mentality, which seems strange and unclear for emigrants. This is not to mention the men who want to date and marry these ladies.

Moreover, some men have an ambiguous attitude to German women. Most of them make assumptions based on stereotypes and unfounded rumors. Here you’ll know everything about these amazing women.

Why are German Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Recently, more and more single men have started to seek love abroad, some of them think of dating girls from Germany. And this decision is justified by their incredible nature. You won’t find a better girl. They manage to combine completely different traits of character. That’s their key feature. If you try to compare German girls’ mentality with American or any other European girl mindset, you’ll see a lot of inconsistencies. But still, the men in different parts of the world are mad about them. Here are the reasons why:

German brides are the embodiment of independence

Parents instill a sense of independence in girls since early childhood. To some extent, it could be argued that this model of fostering forms their strong character. Young girls can measure their capabilities and understand what they can do and what they should learn. They put the goals and achieve them by themselves. No matter, whether they were born in a wealthy family or not. She won’t hang on her parents’ and husband’s neck. German women aren’t interested in your income, boyfriend or husband for them isn’t the guarantee of financial stability. So, if you date these girls, you may be sure of the sincerity of love.

They value themselves

German girls have enviable self-esteem. This trait of character is, to some extent, the merit of parents and, of course, the country of living. Perhaps, namely this feature has given rise to the numerous stereotypes about their masculine nature. But in reality, they have to behave like that. Any German girl knows her rights and knows how to live in this world. She’ll do her best to get what she wants. Being independent is a habit. That’s why most German girls require equality of sexes, beginning with the salary scale and ending with the position in the family.

German brides have outstanding natural beauty

Their appearance is the subject of ongoing controversy. Some say that they aren’t beautiful at all; others state that the blond hair and blue eyes are their typical traits. Both opinions are wrong. Each German girl is beautiful and has nice facial traits. They don’t use makeup even to emphasize natural beauty because they just don’t need it. According to their mentality, women shouldn’t show their femininity and attractiveness in everyday life. You won’t see a well-dressed and decked out girl who goes to the office. But if they go to the cinema, theater or restaurant, they look completely different.

They are free

German girls’ freedom lies in their lifestyle. They are free from prejudices and oddities because girls act like they want and don’t try to look attractive to a man. Moreover, wasting hours in front of the mirror and thinking about what to wear and how to do the makeup is foolish. Usually, girls of different nationalities who always try to look gorgeous share the same aim – be ready to meet destiny. But not German brides. The number of men in Germany prevails over the number of women, so girls needn’t do something with their appearance to attract men’s attention.

Why Are German Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

german girlsGermany is one of the richest and the most prosperous places in Europe, so why should local women marry foreigners? Take a look at the most popular reasons:

  1. Her German lover dumped her. You never know what drama has happened to another person, but the failure of the relationship with local men can be a factor of desire to try dating a foreigner. Yet, you should not expect her to tell that to you on the first date. German ladies do not rush to tell much about themselves to strangers;
  2. She moved out of Germany and does not intend to come back. Consequently, she wants to find a husband in the country she lives in now. Simple as that;
  3. She wants to dedicate herself to the family entirely. Although many German women love making a career and developing themselves as professionals, some ladies still prefer family over other spheres of life. She might feel the pressure of the society that tells her to be self-supportive. Hence, she is looking for a foreigner who will share the same views.

What are German Brides Like?

Despite the fact that they don’t imagine their life without work and career, German women are still good for marriage. The growing number of cross-national marriages with them confirms it. These ladies are smart and intelligent, so don’t be afraid that this ambitious and hardworking girl will turn into a bored and scrubby homemaker. If you still doubt whether it’s worth marrying a German girl or not, find out about their character in marriage.

Wife and husband should be equal

The situation when both spouses are working is not rare in Germany. Such families share all household chores. The woman won’t carry a huge burden on her shoulders. That’s why they manage to combine rest, work, and children without undue nervousness. But some girls are ready to sacrifice a successful career for the family. Finding a German woman with such a mindset is a matter of luck.

German brides are ideal housekeepers

All people know that German people are rational and pragmatic. If you marry the girl from Germany, be ready that she won’t tolerate a mess in her house. You’d have to change your habits if you used to leave dirty clothes all over the place. Be sure that your house will always look clear and tidy. Many men only dream of such a wife.

They love children

German brides will hardly want to have a large family. She thinks it’s better to have one-two children and surround them with love and care. Each woman is ready to take parental leave, but if her salary is higher than her husband’s, he can take this leave, and it won’t seem strange. Most of the German mothers keep to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why a healthy diet, healthy sleep, and strict daily routine aren’t empty words for them. They instill the same habits in them.

Where can you meet single German ladies?

Girls in this country have a specific character. So you should be careful when trying to meet the German girl on the street, work or gym. They consider these places inappropriate for making acquaintances. If you plan to visit this country – seek single girls in night clubs and similar places. But not all single girls are searching for a man. That’s why it’s better to use international dating sites that offer German mail order brides.

The latter is a completely legal way to meet your love. These ladies are always busy with work, so dating websites are the only way for them to find a man. Those who think finding love on the Internet is strange and wrong are just old-fashioned people.

How to find a Reliable German Dating Website?

german womenThe mixed opinion about dating companies is connected with the abundance of scammers in this sphere. But you shouldn’t equate them all. There are a lot of reliable companies which help single men and women from different countries to communicate, meet, and marry.

If you aim at seeing the best German brides, take into account the following information:

  • The registration process should be easy. If the website requires you to enter a lot of personal information, it’s a reason to doubt its credibility.
  • Pay attention to the user interface. The website shouldn’t be closed for non-registered users. Everyone has the right to see several profiles with photos and read some articles.
  • Read the website reviews. The users often leave their testimonials and tell their own love stories. If the heads of this company are engaged in fraudulent practices, you’ll quickly know it.
  • Choose the most famous websites which are at the top of the search result page. It reduces the chance to face fraud.

5 Tips of Dating a German Girl

If you decided to engage yourself with a German girl, you should be ready to change your habits to make her like you. People from this country have slightly different dating culture, so here is a piece of advice for you. Learn these rules, and you’ll get one of these amazing German wives:

german mail order brides

  • Being late is strictly prohibited. Don’t forget that the Germans are too punctual. If you have a date at 3 pm, you should come at 3 o’clock exactly or even earlier. Your potential fiancee will appreciate it.
  • Don’t give her expensive gifts. You won’t surprise her with your wealth only to worsen your relationships. She’ll think that you try to show your transcendence and want to impose obligations to you.
  • Buy a nice bouquet for the first date. It’s not obligatory, but you may do it to show your admiration.
  • It isn’t worth rushing fences with German brides. They’re used to date for a prolonged period. Marriage is a serious step, and people should get to know each other before doing it.
  • Stick to your words. German ladies are used to the men who do everything they promised. If you said to her that you’d call, you should call. It should become your principle.


Now you understand that finding and dating the German mail order brides isn’t so hard as it seemed before. They are beautiful, skinny and nice ladies who want to feel that men like them. Don’t be suggestible to stereotypes, and don’t judge people so easily. You’ll never know the truth until you get acquainted with her. If you can’t find love in real life, try to do it online and become happy.