Russian Brides: Do They Make The Best Life Partners?

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Are you happy now? Is there something in your current relationship status that you want to change? We know that you have an aspiration to changes. Otherwise, you would never be here. You know what? We can help you transform your life and your relationship if you want it! How can we do that?
First of all, we will say that you do not have to limit your choice of partners with your country or even nationality. For example, beautiful Russian brides are the ladies you can choose to try to find your perfect match among them. You really can find your future wife at ConfettiSkies. However, before starting to dream about these ladies, you should know a bit more about their personality, common traits, and desires.

In this article, we will tell you about a mail order bride phenomenon, popularity of Russian beauties and everything about how to find a Russian wife.

Who Are Russian Brides?

russian brideMail order brides represent the phenomenon that has made the men from all the existing countries happy. Now all the people on the globe can meet their perfect partners and never get depressed because of misunderstanding in relationships with people in their countries.

Online dating and girls who want to date foreigners are now giving single men the hope that they will find their soulmates among the girls of other nationalities.

Russian brides for marriage are among those girls who are open to dates with foreigners. They are ready to move to other places, learn new languages, get used to new cultures. They are single, beautiful, and have a great desire to have a close family. Why not start communication with them just right now?

What Makes Russian Wives So Great?

Mailorder Russian brides stand out among all the Internet brides with their loyalty, serious attitude to relationship, and strength. What is so special about these features?

They are very rare to meet.

Let’s consider these features in detail for you to see if these ladies are worth your attention and time.


A lot of men who choose brides from Russia have had a negative experience in relationships with the women in their homeland. Only imagine how disappointing and bitter a relationship with a cheating girl can be! We hope that you have never experienced such feelings, and your decision to find a Russian wife is based on the interest to sincerity, beauty, and respect to family values of these Slavic ladies. Still, if you marry a Russian bride, you will never be betrayed or disrespected. It is unacceptable for these beauties to make their partner suffer from pain and they wait for the same attitude from their men.


We are sure that you have heard about this feature of these girls. In Russia, women often have to raise children on their own, earn a living, and just live this life alone (we mean, without a strong partner). This is why they are happy to meet foreign men who are supportive, reliable, and, yes, stronger than they are.

If you want to marry a woman who will not throw a fit because of a broken nail or any other “nothing,” a Russian bride is the best choice for you.

Serious attitude to the future and relationship

Even young Russian ladies behave like adults who are ready to be the keepers of the hearth. All the girls inherit plenty of skills from their mothers, and they develop those skills with the time. It happens not only because being a person who can take care of herself/himself is vitally important for every adult, but also because of the fact that in Russia, a woman who can do everything on her own is “a golden standard”. Not all the girls are serious about their future; not all of them choose a partner for life attentively, not all of them are perfect hostesses. Yet, the traditional Russian brides are just like that.

Why Russian Mail Order Brides Are So Popular?

They are talkative

Russian mail order wives can listen like no one else. However, there is a thing they can do even better: they can make your day with only one dialog. They usually have a good sense of humor, they have sharp minds, and they tend to ask a lot as well. Even online communication with one of these beauties may make you fall for her in a second; only think about how cool the real-life discussion with her jokes and plenty of interesting facts may be. It is highly important to have a partner who understands you and who can inspire you to talk more and more. If you want such a partner, find a Russian bride.

They look like Snow Queens, but they are actually hot

A traditional Russian bride looks like an angel: she has pale skin, blue eyes, and long blonde or dark hair. Of course, there are a lot of beauties with chestnut hair and deep dark eyes, but the fact is, all of them look like they are goddesses of ice. However, such an image is only for people who are too shy or hesitant to start a dialog with them. For the closest people, such as their husbands, they are hot Russian brides who adore to flirt and surprise their partners with romantic gifts.

They are direct

This feature makes men puzzled and charmed: mail order Russian brides say what they want to say, and they are not afraid of being too honest or open-hearted. Their honesty may look like rudeness, especially if you get used to communicating with very shy and reserved women, but it is actually a very nice feature. Such a woman will never lie to you, and if you are wrong, she will tell you that. If you need some advice, she will give you that. Russian mail order brides are perfect life partners, and this is why men want to marry them.

They are supportive and understanding

You will never meet a woman who will be as supportive and attentive to you as a Russian girl. It is another great thing about Russian ladies: they are always on the side of their partners, no matter what is happening in life. If you have ever experienced a breakdown and you were alone at that time, you should try to find a wife in Russia. These beauties literally never let you down or leave you on your own in hard times.

Can You Really Buy Russian Brides?

“Russian wives to buy” and “Russian bride for sale” are among the most popular Google searches. Unfortunately for some men who have a hope that money is enough to make a woman fall for them, it is impossible to buy Russian bride. We will be honest with you: some women want nothing but your wallet and big house, and if you want partnership instead of relationship, you can date these girls who can be easily found on sites like SugarDaddy. But if you want family, love, and respect, you should never think about Russian wives to buy.
Yet, you still can buy your woman some gifts, pay for her on a date, and make everything for her to fall for you because you are a romantic and attentive man.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Russian Brides?

russian bridesAs we have already mentioned, buying Russian wife is impossible. However, you still have to spend some money to make your communication with Russian women for marriage.

The cost of getting a Russian wife depends on the following factors: The way you choose to seek a bride (online vs. traditional, you can read about them a bit later); A dating site and its prices on subscription plan; The additional services you use to make your communication with women more interesting; Gifts you send to the girl (or girls) you like; Getting visa (and you will need one if you are going to visit Russia), etc.

Use this list to calculate your expenses for meeting a woman. The men who choose online dating usually spend $3,000-5,000, and those who want to try traditional dating can spend more than $10,000.

How To Get A Russian Mail Order Bride?

russian mail order brideTo be a mail order Russian bride is happiness and burden simultaneously: hundreds of thousands of men see dreams about these women and dates with them, but some of them do not know the path to these women of mesmerizing beauty.

So, how to get a Russian wife?

You can choose between the two variants: traditional and online. The first one is a good option for fans of real-life communication and eye contact. The second will be the best for people who do not want to spend their time and money, having no guarantees that he will certainly find a Russian wife.

Everything is up to you. We recommend to start with dating platforms – they represent a convenient, cheaper, and comfortable way to meet your potential partner.


We hope that you have no questions on how to get a Russian bride now. If you are ready to grant a lovely Russian girl family, love, and respect, she will grant you her admiration and support, and you will feel it 24/7, no matter what is going on in your life.
Well, now you know all the basic info about Russian brides. Real beauties are waiting, so why not start to communicate with them now?