Estonian Women − Ultimate Tips on Dating Estonian Brides

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What is peculiar about Estonia? It is a wonderfully beautiful country. It is an incredibly small state. It is situated in Northern Europe and borders Finland, Sweden, Russia, and Latvia. Estonia is a country of forests, lakes, and islands. There are more than 1,000 islands and 1,400 lakes. Woodlands cover 47% of the whole territory of the country. Besides that, it is the least populated country in Europe. On the other hand, Estonia is a country of women, particularly gorgeous beautiful women. More than 50% of the whole population consists of females. That is why it is a perfect destination if you want to find a hot girl. Let us find out why Estonian brides are so desirable.

Why are Estonian Mail Order Brides so Popular?

estonian womenThere are several reasons why western men prefer Estonian women:

  • Estonia is the least religious country. Only 16% of the whole population considers religion as an essential part of their lives. It is good news for atheists who believe a Sunday church visit will not make their lives better. You will not need to think of excuses why you cannot go to Church on this day.
  • Untouched nature contributes to the health and beauty of Estonian women. People spend a lot of time in the open air, which makes them a bit healthier than in other areas of Europe.
  • Estonians are mostly introverts. And they prefer the online environment for communication and dating, which makes Estonia attractive for people who seek relationships online. Estonian women are good at dating online. Remote connection is much more comfortable for them when it comes to meeting new people. Estonians even vote remotely. Online voting was implemented way back in 2005.
  • Estonia has lots of models. It is the top country with the highest model per million people rate (73 per million). It means that Estonian brides are incredibly beautiful. Also, people of Estonia belong to the tallest ones in the world. That is why international dating sites are full of men searching for Estonian beauties.
  • Although the county is the least religious, its people sincerely appreciate traditional gender patterns and family values. There are fewer feminists in Estonia. Women mostly take the role of the home-fire keepers doing all the cleaning, washing, and cooking. Men, to the contrary, make money for their families.
  • If you make a pal with Estonian girl and she accepts you into her circle of trust, her parents will be incredibly hospitable to you. When Estonians welcome people, they do it with maximum care and generosity.

What are Estonian Brides Like

To be successful at dating Estonian girls, you should know what to expect from them and how to behave yourself. Here are some features of their character that also make them the right partners.

They are Well-educated

Estonians belong to the most educated nations, with a literacy rate of 99%. Women comprise a significant part of students in Estonian universities. 90% of all teachers are women. Estonian brides are good in history, arts, and languages. Nearly 90% of all Estonians speak English. Estonian brides also speak German, Russian, and Finnish. That is why your girl will have no problem communicating with you. Also, You will have a lot of topics for discussion. Also, she will hardly make any drama because she is reasonable and practical.

They are Family-oriented

Family is what Estonian girl needs and what she puts in the foreground. It makes her very selective about relationships. If an Estonian girl aims to you, she will expect a long-lasting relationship that will result in a wedding one day. It means she will search for a partner with the same views. Estonian girl will do the household chores. Her hobbies, job, and friends will never interfere with your family. And if she chooses you as her life partner, she will never cheat you since Estonian women are devoted. They know that there is nothing more important than a healthy family.

They are Divinely Beautiful

Estonian brides have a desirable appearance. Historically, Baltic women were the most beautiful in the whole of Europe. It is due to the mixed genetics. A mixture of Slavic and Nordic traits makes them so hot and desirable. Also, they do sports, keep to a diet, and maintain their fir shapes for as long as possible. Due to this fact, they mature well too.

Where can you meet single Estonian Brides?

estonian girlsFortunately, finding Estonian mail order brides is simple. They prefer virtual communication on numerous dating websites. You can find international dating platforms with thousands of Estonian beauties or switch to niche websites focused on Estonians in particular. On these websites, you can find even more women from Estonia thirsty for men.

Most of the sites are free to join. However, you need to pay a commission to use the service entirely. Generally, these services offer flexible prices so that you can choose between optional payments, monthly or yearly membership plans. The prices depend on a particular platform.

Generally, online dating is neither cheap nor expensive. Which girls register at these websites? The audience is rather diverse. The women may be interested in marriage, friendship, or occasional romance. You can reach marriage agencies that specialize in making new families.

As a rule, these websites attract wealthier men that can afford to spend decent money on marriage services. These companies can organize tours to Estonia for men to meet their brides in real life. Also, you can order a translator if you want so. The agents will recommend Estonian brides your profile as well as consult you on the girls you consider your match.

How to find a Reliable Estonian Dating Website?

estonian bridesDating on a trustworthy and high-quality website is essential. To find a reliable site, you should follow these steps:

  • Start with narrowing your search to 2-5 websites. Search info on top services in the niche and then select a couple of sites that seem the best for you.
  • Pay attention to review posts and articles. They can provide you with the necessary information you may struggle to find on your own. Besides that, they can save your time since you can find info on prices, audience, quality of the platform, etc. You do not need to register on your own to learn the costs and how the site works.
  • Check out for how long the site exists. Long-operating platforms are usually the most successful in the niche.
  • Check the terms and conditions of the platform. It will help you find out the details never published on promotional pages. A reliable website will provide compensation if you suffer from fraudulent brides. It should ensure your private information is kept confidential and secure.
  • Check whether the website does something against scams. It should apply effective anti-scam measures against fraud. A trustworthy service always monitors users to reveal suspicious behavior and ban fraudulent profiles.
  • Check whether the site uses anti-malware software. A reliable platform should provide a virus-free environment for its users.
  • Check for what you pay. The pricing policy should be clear, with no sudden requirements and payments.

Thus, if the platform works for a long time, has positive feedback, reasonable prices, and applies safety measures, then you can use it.

7 Tips on Dating an Estonian Girl

When you start dating online, the first thing Estonia women learn about you is your profile. Your profile is your face. Here are the tips on making a good-looking profile:

  • Girls prefer users with multiple photos. Select appropriate pictures of yourself. An image should be high-quality. You should look pleasant and appealing. Also, do not post photos where you gulp beer (or any other spirits) or look drunk. A woman will never think you look cool. She expects a caring man who spends his free time with her.
  • You should fill the surveys on your interests, physical features, job, etc. It will help you rank higher. Besides that, you will look more attractive to girls.
  • Make a description of yourself sound clear and show your intentions.

All these details will make you appealing, and thus Estonia mail order brides will show sincere interest in you. What should you do to melt your Estonian bride’s heart? Do this, and she will be yours:

  • Show her you can make something by hand. Estonian women appreciate men who can handle and repair home appliances. If the faucet leaks, she will shame you for calling a plumber. She will expect you to fix the washing machine as well.
  • Be honest and sincere to her. Estonian girls are incredibly smart and always detect unnatural behavior or lies. Never try to lie to her. She values open-hearted people. Mutual trust is a vital part of any relationship.
  • Respect Estonian traditions and customs. Estonians celebrate national holidays, festivals, and other feasts.
  • Be polite. Estonian brides are excited by well-mannered men. While dating, pay for entertainment and food. Invite her to cinemas, theatres, and restaurants. Also, they love nature, thus spending time outdoors, on the beach, in the park will be a good idea.


If you seek a perfect partner, an Estonian mail order bride is a great choice. She is beautiful, athletic as well as loving and devoted. Find her on dating platforms and travel to Estonia to meet this beauty. Be a gentleman to her, and you will win her heart for sure. We wish you good luck!