The Ultimate Guide to Dating Cuban Brides

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Men from all over the world view Cuban women as treasures. However, the problem lies with men not knowing anything about Cuban women beyond the fact that they look great. If you are one of them, this write-up will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about women in Cuba.

Why are Cuban Women So Popular?

Men from western countries are constantly in search of an opportunity to meet beautiful women of Cuba. For someone who does not know much about Cuban women, this might be surprising to you. So, these are some of the main reasons why western men are going crazy for Cuban beauties:

Cuban women are beautiful

Despite coming from the same island of Cuba, Cuban women vary in terms of their physical appearance. You can find fair as well as dark-skinned Cuban girls. However, what Cuban women have in common are those splendid curvaceous bodies. Men from Europe go crazy for these.

Cuban women want to look sexy

Cuban brides do not shy away from their curves. On the contrary, they prefer to wear tight clothes that highlight their curves. Moreover, the climate of Cuba makes it impossible for them to wear a lot of clothes. Also, these women do not wear too much make-up because they are already naturally beautiful.

Cuban brides are family-oriented

If you are from the west, you are probably used to seeing women who want to focus solely on their career without any regard for family. However, Cuban women always focus on the family. To a Cuban woman, a family has to come before everything because you can lose your career at any time. This mentality comes as a remnant of the instability in which these girls grew up.

They are very feminine

Cuban women use their bodies as instruments to express themselves. They can obviously dance very well  and they never pass up any opportunity to showcase their moves. More so, they do not shy away from being sensual and showing their feminine side in public.

Cuban women are fun-loving

When you see the way Cuban women smile, it will be difficult to believe that these people survived through very difficult times. Cuban girls always have a positive vibe about themselves. This vibe is infectious to everybody around them. Cuban women have a deep appreciation of life which is in direct contrast to women from the west. You definitely want to marry someone who will always bring positivity into your life irrespective of what you are going through.

Why Are Cuban Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

cuban girlsAlthough every Cuban woman has her reasons for searching for a foreign partner, there are a few factors that make them do it more frequently. First of all, after a short dating period, a man starts thinking that he’s got the girl he always wanted to have and stops treating her appropriately. Respect and compliments vaporize like they never existed. A woman becomes a beautiful thing that will always be there. But many females don’t want to accept this fact anymore and decide to change the situation with a foreign man.

The second most popular reason explaining why a Cuban girl wants to have a foreign husband is financial stability. Local men often prefer dangerous methods of earning money rather than fair hard work. They raise their kids in poverty and uncertainty – family members don’t know what to expect tomorrow. Will they have what to eat or where to live? Cuban women are looking for men from economically stable countries with perfect conditions for building a family and educating children.

Cuban men are often rude and disrespectful. That’s why a local girl wants to meet a partner with good manners and appropriate behavior. Foreigners are usually more polite, patient, and intelligent.

What are Cuban Brides Like?

Cuban brides are loyal

Cuban brides can come off as flirtatious. To a westerner, this kind of behavior is a sign of infidelity. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. Cuban women will stay loyal to you once you are in a relationship with them. If they want you just for a fling, they will make their intentions known.

Cuban brides have great exposure

Despite the various misconceptions about Cuban women, they are quite intelligent and exposed. Cuban brides always stay in touch with everything that happens in the world beyond the island. Some of the educated Cuban ladies even learn how to speak English because they see it as an opportunity to lift themselves from poverty. Also, Cuban women are always ready to marry a man from the west if they feel you are the right one for them.

Cuban brides are open

A good redeeming quality of Cuban brides is that they can be brutally honest. Cuban women do not mince words when they want to let you know how they feel about you. They are always sincere and straightforward. Your Cuban bride will shower you with words of endearment as often as she can. Also, when she is angry at you, she will shout at you and let her emotions out.

Where can you meet Cuban Brides?

With the removal of sanctions on the island of Cuba, tourists are now free to visit the country without problems. However, most people are not convinced that traveling to Cuba is still safe, especially for Americans. Moreover, the economy of the country is quite unstable which means that you will have to spend a lot of time on finding a Cuban bride.

Therefore, the importance of Cuban mail order brides sites cannot be overstated today. These Cuban dating sites eliminate the risk of traveling. Men from the west can now contact pretty Cuban girls by simply going online. There is no reason you can no longer meet the most beautiful Cuban women.

How to find a Reliable Cuban Dating Website?

Due to the economic instability in the country, a lot of fake websites engage in scamming tourists. They know that western men have the money to spend and they are taking advantage of this fact. Moreover, most of the fake websites clone the sites of other reputable Cuban dating sites. This is very difficult for the unsuspecting foreigners to detect. Therefore, here are some of the necessary steps to take to find a reliable Cuban dating site:

cuban woman

  1. While searching for a Cuban dating site, you need to go through the google recommendations carefully. If Google recommends a website, there is a great probability that it is legitimate.
  2. You can also seek counsel from locals who you can trust. They will help to show you what you should look out for. Also, they will help in directing you on how to meet Cuban singles.
  3. Some Cuban mail order bride sites secretly insert hidden costs. If you are not careful, you will end up paying more than usual.
  4. If the billing is too cheap, then there is a huge chance that the site is not reliable.
  5. Take some time to skim through the terms and conditions of the service page. A reliable Cuban dating site must have this page.
  6. Create an interesting profile and try to reach out to as many pretty Cuban girls as possible.
  7. Also, try to explore the additional capabilities and features of the Cuban mail order bride site. The presence of a translation feature is always necessary because not all Cuban ladies speak English.

5 Tips on Dating a Cuban Girl

If you come from the west, dating a Cuban girl can be a challenge. Before you know it, you might find out that you are losing interest. In order to avoid this headache, you should take a look at some of the necessary tips you need before dating a Cuban woman.

cuban girl

  1. Always get the check. A Cuban woman will always expect you to pay for her bills on a date. Don’t be surprised when she starts looking at you when the bill arrives. The reason for this is that most of them are used to living in a dysfunctional economy. As a result, they mostly abscond from activities that have massive financial consequences. Moreover, you should just offer to pay for the date out of simple courtesy. Trust us, your Latin wife from Cuba will appreciate the gesture.
  2. Show your seriousness to marry her. When dating Cuban women, you should know that most of them are looking at marriage. You should always be ready to express your feelings to her. If you waste time, your Cuban mail order bride will assume that you are just looking for a fling and she will move on. Cuban ladies don’t like to waste time.
  3. Get used to her looking good. Cuban women like to dress up and look sexy. If you do not like your partner ‘showing some skin’, then this is something you should tell her in time. Moreover, Cuban brides are often very friendly with the people they meet. You might see this behavior as flirtatious. It actually is not flirting. Cuban girls are just too affectionate.
  4. Meet her parents. Once you make your feelings public, she will take you to see her parents as soon as possible. Most Cuban women do not get into relationships without approval from their parents. When you visit them, this means that she is trying to see if they approve of you. So, try to be in your best manners and show respect for their culture.
  5. Do not talk about the Castros. It is tempting to ask about them. But you should try as much as possible to avoid this topic. Cubans are divided into those that detest the Castros and those who idolize them and the last thing they want is the opinion of a westerner on the topic.


Marrying a Cuban girl is the dream of most western men. With the absence of political restrictions, most of these foreigners can now travel to the island to find Cuban women for marriage. However, if you think a Cuban wife is what you need in your life, you should sign up to a Cuban mail order bride site immediately.