Polish Brides− Everything You Need to Know About Them

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Many people believe that finding your love on another continent is a bad idea. But also many others say online dating is now one of the most popular ways to start a strong, healthy relationship. We strongly believe online dating is thriving. Thousands of singles seek their soulmates in Slavic countries and at least half of them choose Polish girls.

Situated in central Europe, Poland is one of the most developed post-communist countries with an orientation towards western values. It is famous for its delicious cuisine, breathtaking landscapes, unique architecture, and magnificent women. If you dream of finding a soul mate in Poland, keep reading.

Why Polish Women Are so Popular?

Several cultural aspects make Poland the right place for finding a woman you would be sincerely happy to get through life with. Here is why you should seek Polish women for marriage:


Poles are incredibly friendly and hospitable, ready to meet new people with respect and care. They will appreciate you and take care of you as if you were a royal ambassador.

Poland is out of the eurozone

You can expect to spend less money on dating. Consider the cost of living is way lower in Poland too. Restaurants, meetings, cinema, and shopping will be more friendly to your purse. Spending less money, you can still be more efficient. French or British lady would not be as impressed with your wooing as the Polish one

Polish Women are religious

Poles are Catholics, and they honor religious traditions. It influences females and their understanding of gender roles. While dating Polish women, you will be the one to lead the conversation, decide on meetings, solve problems, etc. Your woman will generously please you in return

Polish ladies are interested in foreigners

They hope to relocate, travel and live in better conditions. In most cases, Polish mail order brides will prefer men from the US, Germany, France, or the UK rather than Polish, Russian, or Ukrainian residents.

Polish ladies always remain ladies regardless of where they are

Mothers nurture girls to respect men and be patient, obedient, kind, and caring. That’s why you won’t have to deal with opressions and conflicts each time you’ll have to do with disagreements.

There are lots of hot redhead ladies in Poland

Many people dream of having natural redhead wives, and they prefer meeting them in Poland.

Why Are Polish Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

polish womanPoland is located on the ‘virtual’ border between Eastern and Central Europe. As a result, the Polish people find themselves assimilating the cultures of both worlds.
Since there are more women than men, the population imbalance explains why Polish women prefer to marry foreigners.
Here are the reasons:

  1. Too few men Women outnumber men in Poland. Also, the men in Poland are often more focused on their homeland to consider moving abroad. Since Polish women realize that their only chance of raising a family abroad is by marrying a foreigner, they become mail order brides.
  2. They are ambitious Polish brides are well-educated and full of ambition. These women are convinced that they deserve the same quality of life as their peers from Western Europe. As a result, they become mail order brides in order to find western men for marriage.
  3. They value true love Since Polish women are independent, they only crave true love for a fulfilled life. So, it doesn’t matter where they find the man of their dreams; once it is true love, marriage is the next thing on their agenda.

What are Polish Brides Like?

  1. They are beautiful and charming. Slavic women are naturally beautiful and use minimum make-up. You have higher chances of meeting a god-like beauty in Poland. Slavic girls always care about their appearance, clothes, and style. And unlike Ukrainian and Russian women, the Polish ones mature and age well. If you look for a hot milf, you should consider Polish mail-order brides. Besides that, many polish girls do sports and fitness. A lot of them have perfect bodies too.
  2. polish womenSpiritual. Polish brides are very thoughtful when it comes to dating. As a rule, they are seriously intended to develop a long-lasting relationship resulting in marriage. If she says she loves you, she puts sincere devotion and care in these words.
  3. Loving and caring. Polish girls are affectionate and love their soulmates very passionately. She will love you for your personality in the first place. Whatever happens, she will support you and give a piece of reasonable advice.
  4. Hardworking and energetic. Poles are used to working hard. They work 40 and more hours per week. Polish women are used to doing household chores after work. It is okay for them to wash the dishes, watch after children, cook for you, and clean the house after an 8-10-hour working day. It is incredibly exhausting, but they keep doing it for their entire lives. And they rarely complain about it. If you have a salary high enough to let your sweety quit her job, you will become a god in her eyes. Moreover, she will have much more free time for her beauty.
  5. Family-oriented. In Poland, a family is the №1 priority for a woman. She may have numerous hobbies and friends. But she manages everything the way her family does not suffer. She will never compromise with her husband. Be sure that she will devote herself to you entirely. She is a perfect mother as well, treating your children as a treasure.
  6. Educated. Most of Polish women have higher education. More than 60% of students in universities are females. This is a perfect benefit, as you can deal with her on an equal basis.
  7. Demanding to some extent. Do not try to fool her. You should understand that she expects the same respect, love, and care. You should match her. If you want to be with a goddess, be a god as well.
  8. Due to feminist trends, you can meet commanding girls in Poland too. They oppose traditional gender roles and tend to devote more time to their career and self-development. They are likely to share domestic chores with their partners. These girls are more independent too.

Where you can meet Polish Brides?

There are plenty of online dating websites where you can find Polish women for marriage. On these platforms, you can create a profile and search for a soulmate. You should consider Polish websites. You will find a girl much easier in this case.

Other services include marriage agencies. The matchmaking agents find the Polish mail-order brides for you. The agency usually takes a commission. It can charge a monthly fee for male users. Reputable agencies help people meet their love and get married. They manage meetings and provide translators if there is a language barrier between lovers.

How to find a Reliable Polish Dating Website?

There are thousands of dating websites and marriage agencies on the internet. And there are also as many scammers.

To be sure you are using a reliable dating website, you need to do some research. Honestly, there are few options available for an average user. For instance, you can visit website reviews and find people sharing their real experience with a particular dating website. If you see a lot of generalized positive reviews, it is a bad sign. The real people mention all details, even negative ones.

Also, always visit the Terms&Conditons page of a dating website. Pay attention to suspicious promises like a 100% marriage guarantee. You should also avoid Pay-Per-Letter websites since women registered there rarely show genuine interest in marriage. They rather mail out thousands of messages every day to earn money by receiving paid replies.

How to attract a Polish Girl?

polish girls

  • While dating Polish girl, you should make a good impression. Everyone looks at your profile, so you have to take time and effort to make it look good. Choose an appropriate picture of yourself. And make sure you don’t look silly or ritzy. Choose the best one you have. You can ask your friends to help you upload the right photo.
  • While filling the profile, focus on your personal qualities rather than your financial status. Present your personality. Write about your activities, hobbies, and things you appreciate in people. And be honest. Remember that you will visit Poland for her one day. Honesty always attracts people.
  • While chatting with a girl, be patient and polite, respect her, make compliments, and make sure things do not develop too fast. You should express a genuine interest in her life. Ask her what movies she watches, what foods she prefers, what places she wants to visit. Ask something about her past. Show that you have a lot in common.
  • Never ask her too personal questions right from the start. Such questions asked by a total stranger can make a girl feel uncomfortable and confused. Try to be easy-going, attentive, and tolerant. Being a gentleman online is much easier than you may think.
  • While making compliments, emphasize her personal qualities and achievements rather than appearance. Make her feel that you love her for her soul in the first place.
  • You can also impress her with presents. Wait until your girl is comfortable with you. After that, you can find out her home address and send the flowers she likes, for example. You can send any present you consider appropriate. She will be impressed. You will show her that you can do real deeds no matter how far away you are.
  • When you meet her in person, choose a public place where you can have a nice chat together. It can be a luxurious restaurant. Or you can decide where to go together in advance. It will be the best solution since both of you will have similar expectations about your first meeting.


All in all, you should choose a Polish woman for marriage. She is heavenly beautiful. She will be as hot in her 40s as in her 20s. She will treat you with love, passion, care, and respect. Plus, she will appreciate your personality and do the domestic chores, cook delicious meals for you, and love your children. So, do not hesitate and do your best. We wish you good luck with finding your love!