Why Should You Choose a Japanese Brides?

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Across the globe, Japanese women have the reputation of being very beautiful, understanding, loving and kind-hearted. These qualities are the reasons why Japanese girls are in high demand. Also, the duality of beauty and independence makes them perfect partners for foreigners looking for Japanese brides.

Why Japanese women are So Popular?

Besides their good looks and nice manners, there are other reasons why Japanese mail order brides are in popular demand in all corners of the globe. This high demand for Japanese girls is a result of the pleasant intangible characteristics of these women which is often absent in women from the West. Here are some of the distinguishing characteristics that make Japanese women crown jewels:

Japanese girls are beautiful

If you are looking for a beautiful bride, you might as well go for one of the hot Japanese brides. Women of Japan are popular for their great bodies. Moreover, they never seem to age which makes them look better than women of other cultures at the latter stage of life. This is a testament to healthy diet and superior physiological composition of Japanese brides.  Also, their flawless skin and rich hair will drive any foreigner insane.

Japanese brides are homely and well-mannered

Most Japanese women care about the family unit more that everything. They take care of their parents and also take care of their homes. Finding yourself a hot Japanese bride will keep your mind at ease even when you are away. Also, Japanese tradition demands that people should be respectful and well-mannered. This tradition is the core of the upbringing of most Japanese women. Any character quirk in your Japanese bride might be as a result of personal irresponsibility. And there is a very low probability of that happening.

Japanese women are well-educated

Education is an integral part of the upbringing of the Japanese woman. Despite their infantile and submissive looks, Japanese women are some of the most formidable and intelligent women on the planet. If you are not used to being around opinionated women, then Japanese women are probably not for you. This opinionated nature of Japanese women is something you should acquaint yourself with.

More so, they are quite ambitious and adventurous in terms of their career paths. However, this should not be a deterrent to approaching them since most of them are open to going into relationships. This openness comes as a part of their family-oriented upbringing which promotes the sacredness of family values over everything else. Japan is also a country of technology which means that most Japanese girls are tech-savvy.

Japanese women are fun

Do not be fooled by their seriousness and tranquil looks, Japanese women can be fun and exciting. The only thing is that they need to feel a sense of security around their partner, to open up. Japanese women enjoy the odd joke and playing around. We know this might be a challenge especially when you don’t understand what they are saying. But fun and excitement are not exclusive to any language or culture.

Why Are Japanese Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

beautiful japanese womenWomen decide to become mail order brides because of various personal and political reasons. Japanese women are no exception to this rule. Here are the reasons why Japanese girls prefer foreign men:

  1. Love is the driving force Women from Japan do not care whom they marry, as long as their partner showers them with love and affection. However, since Japanese men are not so affectionate in relationships, girls from Japan prefer foreign men. As a result, Japanese girls become mail order brides in order to move to the West with men who love and value them.
  2. The decreasing number of men The overall ratio of men to women is 0.96. Despite Japan having more women than men, the number of men continues to decrease for the past few decades. So, Japanese women identify the decreasing possibility of finding a husband and are actively considering their chances with men from other countries.
  3. The allure of Western culture Japanese culture is rich and full of heritage. However, Japanese women are attracted to the alluring lifestyles of their peers living in Western countries. Also, men in the West treat women better than in Asian cultures. So, Japanese girls dream of moving to Europe and America, where the culture is less oppressive to women.

What are japanese brides like?

Just like in every culture, dating is not an easy task. It takes a lot of commitment and patience from the partners to make things work. However, when the relationship is between two people from different cultures, this tends to make things more complicated. With Japanese women, dating can become more of an issue because of the stark contrast between their traditions and those of the western countries. Here are some of the things you have to consider before dating a Japanese girl:

No public display of affection

Unlike in the West (Americas and Europe), public display of affection is not a common practice with Japanese women. So, do not be surprised when you lean in for a kiss and get snubbed. This does not mean that she is not into your advances. The lack of show of affection can be frustrating for a foreigner who is clueless about the behavioral patterns of the Japanese girls. More neutral and less romantic ways of public display of affection like holding hands and hugging are more common in Japan.

Massive communication barrier

Since most Japanese women do not have English as their first language, it is quite difficult to get your point across. Any foreigner that has lived abroad knows that a lot gets lost during translation. Also, this barrier in communication makes meeting new Japanese women a difficult task.

Problem of seclusion

Most of the Japanese women are not very welcoming of strangers. These women often prefer to stay away from foreigners unless they are ‘friends of friends’. Even when you are with a Japanese girl, they tend to prefer to stay away from other people you are friends with. This difference in social understanding is not a response to you but rather a part of their upbringing.

Group dates

japanese girlsDue to the seclusion factor, Japanese girls often prefer to go on dates with groups of friends. This practice is very uncommon in Europe and America where double-dates are the norm. This group date (goukon) is the Japanese women’s way of gauging your compatibility with her friends and social groups. And trust us, these dates come with a lot of pressure, especially for a foreigner.

Dating, in general, is a life-changing experience. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. However, there are very few negatives that come with a Japanese bride. Some of the perks of dating a Japanese girl are as follows:

  • You are guaranteed a healthy lifestyle because they have a great appreciation for human health and nutrition.
  • You would not have to worry about fidelity because Japanese brides are very faithful
  • You will gain a new-found appreciation for childish humor
  • You will get used to being a child again because she will pamper you at every step, even in public places
  • You will get to learn some Japanese and at last, have a shot at becoming a polyglot.

Where you can meet Japanese brides

In Japan (obviously)

Despite being a viable option, going over to Japan to find your asian bride is not a very feasible option because of the following reasons:

  • A lot of travel and accommodation expenses
  • A lack of knowledge of the country and the culture
  • A lack of command of the Japanese language
  • A lack of understanding of the dating scene in Japan

However, in the modern age, a lot of methods are in place to cope with all these challenges. These methods make the seemingly daunting task of meeting Japanese brides less challenging.

On the internet (like a modern being)

To eliminate the troubles involved in traveling, a lot of sites are in place for foreigners seeking Japanese mail order brides. These sites guarantee the best quality Japanese mail order brides.

You do not even need to learn Japanese or hire a translator, online agencies provide all the services you will need for you and your Japanese bride.

How to attract a Japanese Girl?

Attracting any lady is more of a puzzle than a mathematical equation. This means that it is a task which most people find intimidating, to say the least. The situation is the same with Japanese women. This problem becomes more difficult when you factor in the language barrier. But here are some ways to attract a Japanese bride without trying too hard:

  • You need to stand out amongst all the other foreigners. You need to show her that you have something special which is not present in other foreigners. Don’t try too hard or do something outlandish.
  • Showing a little bit of respect for the Japanese culture might boost your approval ratings among Japanese women. Attending festivals or discussing local cuisines can serve as a gateway to starting a conversation with a Japanese girl.
  • Trying as much as you can to say something in Japanese. You will fail woefully at this. Most Japanese women will see the funny side of this and will appreciate the effort you are putting in.

How to find a reliable Japanese Dating Website?

japanese womenIf you do not know anybody in Japan, no need to worry. There are other ways to find reliable Japanese dating websites where you can meet your Japanese mail order brides. You can always use Tinder to find your bride anywhere in the world. However, Tinder is not that popular among Japanese women. Moreover, using Tinder means you need to be shuffling between a translator app and the Tinder app itself, which is a very annoying task. There are other reliable dating websites including:

These dating sites have more popular reviews and better success rates than Tinder and other traditional dating services from people looking for Japanese mail order brides


In earnest, getting a Japanese mail order bride will change your life for the better. Not only will it make you happier, it will open you to other possibilities and other cultures of which you had no clue. Ultimately, if you are interested in getting a wife that will bring light and warmth to your home, go and get yourself a Japanese bride.