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Asian countries are some of the best ones for dating outstanding women. If you believe you need an Asian woman, you should consider Laos girls. Laos is a landlocked Asian country bordering Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and China. While Thailand is the most popular destination, Laos has a lot to offer as well.

Although it is landlocked, it offers fascinating beaches of more than 4,000 islands formed by Mekong River – one of the longest in Asia – stretching through the entire land of Laos. Women of Laos are cherry on cake. Here you can find out why these girls attract so many tourists, and how you can date them.

Why Are Laos Women so Desirable?

Men from all over the world prefer Asian women for their exceptional features. Here are several reasons why Laos women stand out from the crowd.

Irresistible Asian Beauty

Laos women are some of the most beautiful in Asia. Lao people consist of around 50% of the whole population. The other 50% comprise females of more than 8 nationalities. Laos is a real melting pot. The rich genetic pool makes local women extremely attractive. These girls have gentle facial features, with porcelain-like smooth skin, straight noses, deep brown eyes, and full sensual lips. These brunettes look cute and petite. Besides that, they look very feminine, with slim yet curvy shapes.

Laos belongs to countries with the least obese people. Only 5.3% of people in Laos are overweight. In Europe, more than 50% of adults have a very high body mass index. Therefore, 95% of girls you’ll meet in Laos will look sexy and fit.


Lao girls seek financial independence. Women have a full-time job and comprise 50% of the working population in the country. They are incredibly diligent. Besides that, they are good money-savers. When it comes to shopping, a Lao girl will buy necessary things only. She will never spend money on other useless stuff. A hardworking wife will contribute to your family budget, helping you maintain the family. It will give you many more opportunities to increase your income and maintain financial stability.

Perfect Housewives

Laos women are used to doing domestic chores. More than that, a lot of women do all the housework after a full working day. These asian brides keep their houses clean and always cook for the family. They become caring and loving mothers, treating their children as a treasure.

On the other hand, double work requires extreme effort. Therefore, you can help your woman bear these responsibilities to ease the stress she feels every day.

Hospitable and Open to Foreigners

Did you know that Laos is the third most hospitable country in the world? The local people are friendly and will always give a helping hand. They are open to foreigners. Dating a Laos girl means her family will welcome you with care and generosity. Your girl’s parents will be pole and respectful to you.

Also, lots of women seek a relationship abroad. They will be happy to date a foreigner. A lot of these girls visit online dating sites to start a relationship.

Laos is Cheap

You can live like a king in Laos for $20-30 a day only. If you save money, you can spend no more than $10-15 per day on food, entertainment, accommodation, and transportation altogether. Cheap country means cheap dating as well. You can save money on dating if you travel to Laos to meet your love. It is even more beneficial.

Laos is Patriarchal

The Laos society adheres to traditional gender roles. Men usually do all the dirty work in the household. However, women in rural areas also help to chop wood, carry water buckets, etc. The Laos people expect men to be the leaders of the families. They should be masculine, decisive, and ready to solve problems.

Women, although having political influence and being a significant part of the workforce, prioritize men’s decisions. Laos girls become obedient and kind wives.

Why Are Laos Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

laos womenDue to harsh economic circumstances in Laos, local women are looking for international men to start a family. By doing that, they expect to improve their social status and financial capabilities.

Also, the Laos law on international marriages prescribes foreigners to provide the financial statement that confirms the ability to support the wife after marriage. Consequently, if you are about to marry a Lao girl, make sure that she will not be a burden for you.

One more reason to choose foreigners for marriage is the attitude they have towards women. Laos brides love the way how the Western men treat them, e.g. inviting them for dinners, presenting flowers, etc.

Do you enjoy being generous to your girlfriend? If you do, you will not find a more grateful woman than a Lao one.

What are Laos Women Like?


Laos average GDP per capita was $2,670 in 2019. Due to this fact, Laos girls have to save money constantly. A Laos woman will not expect you to spend lots of money on her needs. She will prefer a reasonable balance between price and quality in everything she purchases, or in what you present her.

Their modesty also extends to public relations. When it comes to flirting, Laos girls act calmly and distantly in public. So, your attempts to kiss her in front of a crowd of people will create uneasy pressure. These women value private space and prefer to express their affection in a private setting.

Loving and Supportive

Laos girls grow in large, close-knit families. They are used to supporting each other, temporize with their brothers and sisters, and respect their parents. These women grow in an atmosphere of love and respect.

Family values mean a lot to them. Your Laos bride will embrace you with care and love. She will always support you, no matter what happens.

English is not a Problem

Laos people learn English. It is the language of business communication, and you can communicate with merchants, hotelkeepers, waiters, etc. in English. Laos girls speak English well enough to maintain a conversation. They are eager to learn English as well.

Where can you meet Laos Girls?

laos girlsLaos brides prefer meeting foreigners via online dating sites most of the time. You can visit hundreds of dating platforms with hot girls from Laos. International and niche Asian dating websites host millions of active users, with thousands of people registering every day.

To meet a Laos mail order bride, you need to create an account on a dating platform, complete your profile, and start chatting with female users. Fortunately, you can adjust numerous settings to make your search results precise and thus find a girl of your dreams even faster.

To get the maximum benefit from using a dating site, you have to purchase a subscription plan. You will have a standard membership at the beginning. However, it is limited – you can chat with premium members only. To get access to unlimited communication, you have to pay from $30 to $40 per month on average.

How to find a Trustworthy Laos Dating Platform?

Dating Laos mail order brides is beneficial when you use a reliable platform. How can you get to the trustworthy dating site? Here are the features of a reputable website:

  • laos bridesIt looks good. Pay attention to design and usability. A successful legit platform ensures the design is modern and comfortable for the user.
  • It works for a long time. Websites operating for 5-10 years belong to leading ones. A fraudulent platform cannot be the top one in the industry by definition.
  • It has realistic feedback. Pay attention to testimonials. You can easily spot fake comments. They are usually generic, and rarely mention specifics of a particular website, appearing within a short time (a bunch of comments in 1-2 days). The genuine reviews contain details and appear frequently. Also, you should pay attention to the complaints. The least positive reviews show the truth most of the time.
  • It applies anti-scam measures. There is always a risk of fraud because dating is a lucrative niche for scammers. A reputable website strictly monitors and moderates user activity, reveals suspicious behavior, and bans fraudulent users.
  • It uses built-in anti-virus software to ensure a safe environment for communication.

You can check this info while visiting forums, review pages, and reading review articles. Also, always check the terms and conditions page of the platform you are going to use.

5 Tips on Dating a Laos Bride

1. Complete Your Dating Profile Diligently

A dating profile is a vital factor while dating online. Create and complete it the right way. Pick up the best pictures of yourself. You should pay attention to surveys of your physique, interests, marital status, etc. Do not hesitate to include the correct information and make sure you fill out all the forms. It will help you attract the right woman and get a higher ranking.

2. Follow Safety Rules

  • While dating online, you should not share any sensitive information with users on the website.
  • Communicate with verified users.
  • Never send money to mail order brides before you meet them in real life.
  • Always tell your friends and relatives about your plans for the appointment.

3. Be Attentive and Polite

Show your lady that you are interested in her life, opinions, views, and beliefs. Also, never tell your bride you have a chat with another woman on the website. If you tell her about other women, she will get jealous, even when you are not partners yet. It can ruin your communication. Your lady should feel unique. Always compliment her.

4. Be Supportive and Caring

Help your girl with domestic chores, studying, shopping, etc. She should feel your support and care. It will help you build a trustful relationship quicker.

5. Show Respect

Consider your lady’s opinions and the traditions she follows. Many Laos women suffer from biased attitudes and disrespect. Be different. Also, you should get along with her family. Show your serious intentions and ambitions. Be polite and respect her parents. Never argue with them.


Laos brides become some of the best wives. Dating a girl from Laos can bring you happiness and joy. To find a woman of your dreams, visit numerous dating sites. Be a better version of yourself, give your lady freedom of choice – respect and support her, and she will devote herself to you.