Here’s Why Men Should Marry Slovenian Brides

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Slovenia is a country of Central Europe known for its high concentration of stunning women. Though Slovenia is hardly mentioned as a nation with a beautiful female population, you would have heard about Tina Maze-Alpine Ski racer, Sandra Marinovic – Miss Universe Slovenia in 2010, and Melania Trump – wife of US President Donald Trump.

The high dosage of beauty is definitely something that makes slovenia women stand out in a crowd, and for most men this is all that matters the most. Located somewhere in the south of Austria and the east of Italy, Slovenia has suddenly taken an important spot to find your wonderful wives. The country is excitingly colorful, and its history is largely influenced by Germanic, Mediterranean, and Slavic cultures. Let’s dig deeper into the feminine Slovenian culture and discover the image of a stunning Slovenian girl.

Why Slovenian Brides Are So Popular?

This tiny Eastern European land is pretty uncharted in the international dating scene. This is simply an oversight since Slovenian women are as gorgeous and graceful as females from other European territories. The popularity of Slovenian girls for marriages recently caught the attention of men, thanks to the country’s recent tourism promotional activities. A large number of western men are flocking to the country in the pursuit to find someone from the lovely Slovenian women.

They are Amazingly Attractive

Mother Nature has gifted Slovenia with natural and stunning landscapes, and endowed Slovenian girls with fabulous bodies with grace, thin waist, and bright eyes. A typical Slovenian girl’s charm is natural that does not require much revision. The attractive Slovenian women attract lots of western men because they are so pretty and enchanting even without overdressing, expensive jewelry and striking makeup.

They are Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

Most men would agree that Melania is definitely a looker, and this is what one should expect from a former bikini model. We would like to break the news that typical Slovenian girls are naturally blond, have fair complexion, and are slim or athletically built. These characteristics are definitely something most men will admire and would like to have in their future life partner. The Slovenian beauties are also equated with the Amazons as both have bodies that are well proportioned and toned- a common appearance on Slovenian streets. It might be genes, but these females do look after themselves, be it food or outdoor activities.

They are Hardworking and Independent

There is no underutilization of the female workforce in Slovenia as they are helping the country to progress with their full participation. These hardworking and independent Slovenian girls live an active life, which is a great motivation for a man. A Slovenian girl clearly knows how to balance herself- she combines the progressive as well as the traditionalistic approaches in her life. Their family is equally important to them, and they love to cook delicious meals and take care of the family. But these practical women won’t fall for a non-working or lazy man.

They are Kind and Honest

The slovenian beauties are trustworthy, graceful, sleek, caring and have a cute accent in English. Unlike other european women, Slovene is friendly and warm to people, even to foreigners. They are well-mannered, sincere and kind at heart. Their nature is what buys men.

Why Are Slovenian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

slovenian bridesAt first sight, it seems like Slovenian women have nice opportunities to build excellent relationships in their country. Local men are handsome, hardworking, and tolerant. So why are these women searching for partners abroad? There’re a few answers to this question.

Slovenian girls passionately look for new experiences in love, and they won’t stop even if they can’t find them at home. The combination of incredible sensitivity and adventurousness makes them look for some freshness in relationships. Flowers and candies don’t work anymore for them – these females are searching for a breath of fresh air. If Slovenian guys can’t satisfy their desires, a woman from this area doesn’t mind dating a foreigner who can give her all she wants.

A Slovenian female needs to understand that her partner has the same goals and priorities. Together, they must grow professionally, search for the best living conditions, and think of high-quality education for their kids. If she can’t find a man who would share these interests with her, she starts searching for a husband of her dreams abroad.

A Slovenian girl is open-minded, and it doesn’t matter if her partner follows another religion or is the representative of another race.

What are Slovenian Brides Like?

Let’s dig deeper into the peculiarities of Slovenian brides that we think you should know before you ask someone out.

They’re Pretty but Simple

Now that we already know that Slovenian girls are tall with toned bodies and delightful faces. It’s also great to know that they are extremely attractive. But there is one unique feature that differentiates them from other European women – instead of fancy dressing and heavy makeup, they love wearing casual clothes. You will easily notice that they look beautiful enough without these extra items. They are also very confident, and this trait will definitely attract you.

They Seek Long-term Relationships

They seek love, and a long lasting relationship. They would prefer to marry someone who will be eager to take care of the family and provide for it. Slovenian women put great emphasis on family values, marriage and motherhood. Even though Slovenia has a westernized dating culture, local girls would prefer a long-term relationship over a one night stand.

They are Good HouseKeepers

Your desire is a happy marriage, and a Slovenian girl fits that image of an ideal bride. While she would praise when you treat her like a queen, she is the most caring when it comes to family and children. She knows how to balance her career and family, and show her love in clean house and clothes, tasty food, peace and generosity in the relationship.

Slovenian Brides are Friendly and Open-Minded

Slovenian women are Belles and they will honestly share the things they care about to whom they are close. They are easy going and open to friendship requests. You may think that the kindness and openness of your Slovenian girl friend can make your marriage thrive; she is also seeking some traits in you. She will be ready to be with a man with clear future plans to grow professionally and personally.

Where Can You Meet Slovenian Brides

There are traditional methods of searching brides that can be useful like meetings in a bar, at a friend’s place, or accidently on streets. On the other hand, you can get a ticket to Slovenia to find your dream life partner and try to win her heart, or you can try an online dating service for this purpose. You can also take the help of social media platforms such as FaceBook, Instagram and find Slovenes online.

Even if you can’t find a suitable match, don’t worry. Slovenian women love exploring the world, making new friends and learning new things. Marrying a foreigner is a life-changing experience for them, and many are already traveling or searching for men outside Slovenia. Chances are you will meet a gorgeous Slovenian girl in your own country.

How to find a Reliable Slovenian Dating Website?

slovenian womenWhile Slovenian girls have a strong motivation to date foreign men, you may not find them easily online. Online dating websites are the best option to search for these women without visiting Slovenia. With the dramatic rise in internet usage, we are witnessing a proliferation of many online dating websites that help singles meet and date virtually. This makes sense before meeting face-to-face. However, finding a reliable website as a swift route to your love is challenging too.

If you try googling “Best Slovenian Brides for Men”, your search system will present a list of many websites. Obviously you would like to narrow your search, here are some tips to assist you in making an informed choice:

  1. Check the reputation of the dating site. The best ones would exist for more than a couple of months. You can find the pros and cons of their services from the comments of their real users. Beware of the advertisements as they are marketing gimmicks.
  2. Check the security of the online platform. A good dating website will highlight its safety policy against scam and data theft. This should be your priority that your personal information is secure on that platform.
  3. Number of users on that platform. Carefully check the services and the users on the site. Many reputable sites have a broad base of users and don’t charge you if you ask for a detailed portfolio of a girl you are interested in. Be careful in sharing your bank card details.

How to Attract a Slovenian Brides?

slovenian girl

While many men are desperate in searching for a perfect bride that could match their expectations, the characteristics of Slovenian brides will definitely win their hearts. If you have made plans to marry a stunningly gorgeous Slovenian girl, you are halfway to making your life an episode from a romantic movie. Now you should start working on how you are going to win her heart.

Slovenes are kind and warm in nature, and they seek similar characteristics in their life partners. If you respect and treat her with care, she will definitely admire you. Romance, flirting and compliments are few things they want to get from their men. They would prefer a foreigner over their follows if he is courteous and would not give up on the family.

Before you date her, there are few things to consider. As you will be spending a lot of time with her, it is important to make it a successful one leaving both of you pleased and excited. It is ideal to buy flowers for your Slovenian girlfriend. These will surely melt her heart. Furthermore, don’t be late if you want to make your potential relationship thrive.

Slovenians prefer going casual, but dressing decently will leave a lasting impression on her. Dressing well will enhance your confidence, and you should be looking great if you are ready to rock n roll and enjoy her company.

Slovenians can speak English pretty well, but Slovenian is very difficult to learn. You can try learning basic words and phrases such as good evening, you are looking pretty etc. You will also need a good sense of humor to flatter her. Taking care of these little things is important as you want to make a lasting impression that you are genuinely interested in her and don’t want a one-night relationship.


Slovenian brides definitely hold the top rank in the list of best potential life partners. If you have already established communication with a beautiful Slovene, Congratulations on your soon to be happy family life. We hope that after reading this article, you have discovered the irresistible world of Slovenian women to help you win the heart of your potential wife.