The Ultimate Guide to Dating Colombian Brides

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In the present day, the popularity of Colombian brides has gone through the roof. This high demand comes mostly from men of Western countries. These men crave attractive Latinas because of their beauty and exotic nature. Also, Columbian brides are humble and responsible, making for good companions and homemakers.

Why are Colombian Brides So Popular?

If you have been on earth over the past two decades, then you must have heard of Shakira or Sofia Vergara. Both of these ladies are Colombian women. It is no secret that they are extremely beautiful and talented. Therefore, this makes the women of Colombia a treasured commodity, especially among men from Europe and the Americas. To get a detailed description of what makes Colombian brides special, let us take a look at some of these traits.

Colombian brides are romantic

Colombian women value display of affection a lot. Your Colombian bride will go out of her way to display romantic gestures. They will present you with different surprises even without a reason to do so. Also, you will get used to being unexpectedly invited to one of the local events that pay homage to her culture.

Colombian brides are playful

If you are dating a Colombian girl, you will often get to see her playful side. Colombian brides will often act like children. They love to have lots of fun and enjoy their life. If you are expecting to meet only grumpy Colombian women, then you are looking in the wrong jar, friend.

Colombian girls have a high sense of responsibility

Despite being playful, Colombian women always take care of things that fall into their responsibility. Women of Colombia approach their chores and responsibilities with impressive diligence which is often absent in women from Europe and North America. This acute sense of responsibility comes as a remnant of the disciplined upbringing of Colombian women.

Colombian women are very family-centered

Colombian brides model their lives around their families. Therefore, it is almost impossible to separate a Colombian girl from her family. Even in adulthood, Colombian women never fail to reach out to their family members regularly. Irrespective of where they are, Colombian brides will always call their moms and chat for long hours.

They are loving and caring

As a result of their family-oriented background, Colombian women tend to be very caring and loving. These traditions seamlessly transfer from one generation to another. So, no matter what region of the country your Colombian bride comes from, she will exude love and care for her loved ones.

They are adventurous

Colombian girls are not afraid to take on any form of adventure. Despite the rumors you have heard, Colombian girls are always ready to move abroad with their husbands. Colombian girls love the challenge that comes with venturing outside your culture to seek new opportunities. Also, they are ready to learn the language and adjust to the new environment.

Why Are Colombian Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

Colombian mail order brides are quite popular among foreign men. These women don’t hesitate to express their willingness to leave the country. Here are the reasons why Colombian women become mail order brides:

1. Shortage of men

In Colombia, the ratio of men to women is 0.8, which means that there are more women than men in the country. So, Colombian mail order brides prefer to look beyond their borders for suitors.

2. The pursuit of higher ambitions

Women from Colombia grow up knowing that countries in North America have more viable opportunities for career improvement. Therefore, since one of the most reliable ways of leaving Colombia is through marriage, Colombian women prefer to become brides for foreign men.

3. Political instability

Most men in Colombia are still struggling to survive within the on-going drug wars and violence. The country hasn’t recovered from the devastation of the post-Escobar years in the latter years of the past century. So, Colombian girls will prefer to start their families in a country with economic and political stability.

4. Opportunity for better lives

Life in Colombia can be fun when things are calm and a living nightmare when tempers start to flare. Colombian women now realize that they can only attain the life of their dreams if they marry a man that is ready to take them away from their hardship.

What are Colombian Brides Like?

Colombian women differ from women from western countries not only by looks but also by character. This is why they are popular among foreign men. Therefore, it is important to highlight why Colombian girls are unique.

They are beautiful

Colombian girls are the complete package. They have great hair, big eyes, and very nice bodies. Women of Colombia descend from ancestors from Mestizo and African origins, as well as the European and Latin countries. Therefore, this diverse ancestry explains why most Colombian brides vary in terms of hair color and skin tones. Also, Colombian girls are not shy about showing their curves.

Colombian brides are intelligent

Education is an essential part of the upbringing of Colombian brides. They are some of the most educated women in South America. Most Colombian girls you will meet online have college degrees or high school diplomas at least.

They can dance

If you have ever seen Shakira dance video, there is no need to expound on this. But for people who live under a rock, yes, Colombian women can dance pretty well. Moreover, they do not need an invitation to showcase their moves. No matter the kind of dance – salsa, cha-cha, Colombian girls are always ready to move their hips.

Colombian brides always look good

Unlike women from other parts of the world who pay less attention to their bodies after a certain age, Colombian brides never stop taking care of their bodies. “Hips don’t lie!”. Colombian brides look good and always make sure they stay in tip-top shape at all times. Even the plus-size women take time to make sure they look good. So, whatever your preference, you are sure to find a Colombian bride that captures your fancy.

Where you can meet Colombian Brides?

Before you start dating a Colombian woman, you have to meet her first and impress her. However, meeting Colombian beauties in person is quite tough especially for those who live outside Colombia. Moreover, the language barrier makes it very difficult to even communicate in the early stages.

Therefore, the value of Colombian dating sites comes in handy to foreigners who are looking to meet Colombian singles. With the use of these dating sites, you can get the opportunity to do the following:

  • Meet different varieties of Colombian mail order brides
  • Meet Columbian singles ready for marriage
  • Eliminate the cost of traveling to a different country.

With these advantages which they provide, the services of Colombian dating sites have become more popular over the past few years.

How to find a Reliable Colombian Dating Website?

However, with popularity comes imitation. Most of the reliable Colombian dating websites find it difficult to compete with the rest of the fake ones. The reason for this difficulty is the absence of a verification process (or lack of access to this process). We have provided the guidelines for identifying and registering on a reliable Colombian dating website.

  1. Make sure you find a secure site. To make sure a Colombian dating site is not fake, the security badge should be on the page.
  2. Make sure that the dating site provides 24/7 customer support.
  3. Make sure that the site has a ‘terms and conditions of use’ page. I know it is a difficult read. Just make sure this page is available.
  4. If the profile pictures on the website look too good to be true, try to stay away from sites like this.
  5. You can register on multiple Colombian mail order brides sites to increase your chances of meeting Colombian beauties.
  6. Be active. Take the first steps by texting a Colombian girl if she fits into your preferences.
  7. If the Colombian girl immediately asks for money, the account is probably a fake profile.
  8. Most good Colombian dating sites come with the services of a translator for foreigners who do not speak Spanish.

If the Colombian dating site fits these preferences, then you are on the right path to finding your Colombian wife!

5 Tips on Dating a Colombian Republic Girl?

Dating is daunting. Most people lack the mental fortitude to function in relationships with partners from other cultures. If you have been in a relationship with a European lady, trust us, the experience is significantly different.

  • Pay enough attention to them. Colombian women like when they feel a sense of value from their partner. Try as often as possible to tell your Colombian bride how much you love her. If you are not into all that overt expression of love, you can make use of gifts and surprises to show that you appreciate her.
  • Take control of the relationship. Make sure that you take the helm in the relationship. Colombian brides love when the man shows initiative. If you are passive, she will get bored and cranky.
  • Stay away from Pablo. I know you must have watched a few episodes of “Narcos”, but please, try to stay away from discussing Pablo Escobar at all costs. This topic is very touchy for Colombians. If she does not bring up the topic, please don’t try to ask her about it.
  • Respect the culture. Cultural events and traditions are some of the things Colombian women hold dear. Try not to make fun of these practices even if you do not understand them. Also, it will do you a lot of good to start imbibing some of these cultural practices.
  • Learn the language. Try to learn some Spanish along the way. Even if it is difficult at first, there are few words and phrases that you can learn. Columbian brides will always appreciate any effort in getting close to them.


In earnest, Colombian brides are the best for marriage because they make ideal wives. These women are very social and lovable with people whom they value. Also, your Colombian wife will take care of emotional and nutritional needs with everything in her power. If you marry a Colombian bride, you will be sure to have a happy life.