What To Expect While Dating Swedish Brides?

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Sweden is one of the most charming countries in Europe. Its cold beauty conquers everyone who has ever visited it and so do Swedish women. Here we are going to reveal all tips, hints, and secrets that we know about them so that you can date them as soon as you finish reading this guide.

Why are Swedish Mail Order Brides so Popular?

If we are to ask a few men from different nations and backgrounds what they know about Swedish women, all of them will say that in Sweden, women are very attractive. Often they do not even need to emphasize their beauty with makeup. As they are bright good-looking personalities, they know how to charm with tons of cosmetics.

swedish womenFor those who do not limit their ideal type of women to an appearance, Swedish brides also have something to offer: they are pleasant to hang out together, talk and travel with. They have a wide outlook that allows them to be able to keep a conversation on various topics with ease.

Also, these women are famous for their independence and ability to take responsibility for their lives. They wouldn’t expect you to come and solve all the problems they have, that’s why you will not be feeling as their parent while you are dating. Instead, you can expect to get an equal self-sufficient partner in the face of a Swedish lady. However, there is another side of the coin: Swedish brides are not very romantic. They are down-to-Earth and this feature explains why they would not like to be given useless presents very well. If you are looking for a partner who will not have their head in the clouds, choose a Swedish lady to spend a life with.

The other reason why men all over the world choose Swedish girls is that they are smart. Getting higher education and having a good job is necessary for Sweden but that’s not the only thing that makes local women clever. Due to their ability to travel a lot, Swedish ladies know the differences between cultures and accept them freely. Therefore if you would like to have a partner who has no prejudices towards other nations and is not stereotyping, choosing a Swedish bride will be a good option.

And the last reason but not the least to note is that Swedish ladies are reliable. If you would like to have a partner who values family bonds and is eager to raise kids, a Swedish lady will not frustrate you. But remember to make the issue of family clear during first dates so that you know what is her priority: serious relationship or freedom and hooking up.

Why Are Swedish Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

swedish girlsSwedish girls don’t mind dating a guy from another country. Since they are financially independent and travel a lot, they have seen lots of countries of different cultures. They are much more open-minded when it comes to international marriage and long-distance relationships. It is okay for a Swedish girl to meet a guy online and then visit his country on holiday to spend time with him. They are eager to learn from a different culture and date a guy just because he acts and thinks differently from Swedish men. Many girls are obsessed with American culture, lifestyle, and the look of the US guys. Since these women want to try something new, they will prefer you over local guys.

Also, their parents will not influence their decisions or interfere with their relationships. That is why a Swedish girl will likely start a relationship and marry a foreigner without hesitation.

Why don’t these girls prefer the local men? Swedish guys are shy and can avoid a woman even if they both have a great time together. Therefore, if you are used to making the first move, it will amaze the local women and make you even more attractive to them.

What are Swedish Brides Like

1. They are beautiful

Often people have an image of an average Swedish woman as a tall blonde lady with grey, green or blue eyes. It’s a stereotype. Local women are not necessarily tall and blonde. They often have brown hair and green or hazel eyes. Still, they do have good body shapes and gentle features of the face and are very attractive to local men and foreigners.

2. They don’t expect you to support them financially

Swedish girls are raised in a society where people are striving for equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender, background, health conditions, skin color, etc. You might think that a Swedish girl is necessary a feminist, but this is just a wish to live in a better world and has nothing to do with infringement of men and striving to show that women are better than them.

3. Swedish brides are open-minded

Swedish public is very modern and liberal and so are its citizens. Women in this country are open to learning new things, trying out new activities and meeting new people. At the same time, they do not rush to setting close bonds right after you’ve met. That’s why you can see her Swedish companion is acting detached in comparison to other European women, but it has nothing to do with you personally. That’s just a national feature.

4. They speak English very well

The fact that all foreigners  who are about to visit the country would love is that English is widely spoken in Sweden. People study it from a young age and that is the reason you will not have trouble with communication if you decided to date a Swedish woman.

5. They are perfect in bed

Swedish ladies know well how to behave in bed as they often have a lot of practice before they get married. They are liberal when it comes to intimate relations that’s why you will hardly ever forget such an experience.

Also, note that local women are not against one-night stands so if you have no intention to start a serious relationship, you can still find a partner for in Sweden.

Where you can meet single Swedish ladies?

There are a few ways to get acquainted with Swedish brides.

First, you can meet them even in your country. You can find your love at the gym, in your working place or at the party with your friends. However, the chances are not that high, therefore you shouldn’t rely on this way as the most optimal.

Second, you can travel directly to Sweden with the aim of meeting a local girl for a relationship and marriage. This way is tiresome and expensive as well as time-consuming, but if you have business trips or study in Sweden, it can be comfortable for you.

The third way is meeting via a dating website. There are a few cons and pros in dating ladies online, but if you cannot visit the country now, it is reasonable to try it out.

How to find a Reliable Swedish Dating Website?

That is the question for all beginners in online dating. To make your experience more convenient and safe, follow the tips below:

  1. Take your time to search the websites. Read as many reviews as possible, ask your friends about similar sites, create a list of those that are the most popular. If you don’t want to become a scammers’ victim, don’t rush to register on the first website to be found in Google search.
  2. Study the prices. Compare services and their prices to find the best fit for yourself and remember that the most expensive doesn’t mean the best.
  3. Don’t be shy if you have questions. Instead, read FAQ sections and contact Support Team if you still need help with some issues.
  4. Read the terms of use. At least once in a lifetime, do it. Online dating websites are not free of charges, therefore it’s better to know the rules before you give any money to the service.

Tips on Dating a Swedish Girl

Keep in mind the following pieces of advice if you want to succeed on your first dates with Swedish mailorder brides:

swedish brides

  • Don’t wonder if she seems to be too formal. It’s okay for Swedish women as it is part of their culture. People here are not expressive and are not used to revealing their emotions to others, that’s why you might think she is not interested much in you. Still, that’s not true as it is just their manner of conduct.
  • Don’t breach her right for the private space. Swedish girls do not like to get too close physically to strangers or people whom they know for a little time. Do not rush to express your feelings with hugs and other physical gestures. Instead, let her get used to your company and enjoy verbal communication first.
  • Split the bill. Ladies in Sweden strive for equal rights and duties, therefore you shouldn’t expect her to be happy if you would act like paying for everything. Feminism is popular among Sweden people and you have to keep it in mind if you want to succeed in dating local women.
  • Have a drink. Communicating over a cocktail or a glass of wine is popular within the nation, so it would be okay if you invite her to drink something delicious on your date.
  • Relax. Are you afraid of her being a feminist at its worst? Don’t be. It’s just a part of local culture and it has nothing to do with hatred towards men.


Are you feeling more confident now than before reading our review of Swedish mail order brides? If so, we are glad as it means we have reached our goal. Now, feel free to start dating online and don’t hesitate to proceed with meeting offline. We wish you all the best in search of your partner in Sweden!