Spanish Brides- Everything You Need to Know about Them

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Spain is a beautiful country. It has perfect geography for people who live their lives to the fullest. You can spend your holidays on sun-drenched beaches, outstanding resorts, or take a breathtaking snowboarding tour high into the Pyrenees. But a holiday is not a holiday without a hot loving Spanish girl. Spain is the land of spicy, beautiful señoritas. Check out this guide on meeting a Spanish woman of your dreams.

Why are Spanish Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Spain is incredibly popular among tourists. More than 60 million tourists visit Spain yearly. It is the world’s second most visited country. Gorgeous Spanish women are ready to meet foreigners.

Spaniards are hospitable

They always greet each other on the street and quickly start a conversation. When you arrive in Spain, you will have no problem meeting new people. Spaniard women will be glad to talk to tourists. They can invite strangers to their homes and offer them delicacies with no hesitation.

Spanish girls cook delicious and diverse food

Men from western countries love Spain and Spanish women for tasty cuisine as well. Different provinces of Spain preserve their traditions that embrace food culture. For instance, Galicia is known for a variety of delicious seafood dishes. You can taste a mouth-watering spiced octopus garnished with pepper and potatoes. Or you can try a famous Spanish Jamón made everywhere across the country. It is a dry-cured spiced ham often sliced and served with Spanish wine. Spaniard’s love for delicious meals is a national trait, and your Spanish woman will make all these dishes for you.

Why Are Spanish Mail Order Brides Looking For A Foreign Husband?

spanish girlsThere are a few reasons why Spanish women would like to marry foreigners. Let’s take a look at them:

  1. They want someone to calm their temper down. Everyone knows about the passionate character of Spanish women. They speak loudly and fight oftentimes with their hot-tempered Spanish partners and eventually, they start looking for more calmness in the relationship. Unconsciously, they want a man who will be holding them close to help them cope with an occasional drama, so if you can offer this to a Spanish bride, she will be seduced immediately.
  2. They admire men with higher education. It may sound strange but intelligence is one of the features that turns Spanish women on a lot. However, getting a degree is not the most popular goal for Spanish men as they are looking for starting working at a young age. Therefore, Spanish women look for men who are professionals in their field of expertise. Smart is the new sexy, you know.
  3. They are friendly to foreigners and immigrants. The research of the Madrid Complutense University has shown that Spanish women get married to immigrants very often, and yes, they choose those the most educated ones. Besides this, Spanish people are very friendly and hospitable to all foreigners who come to visit their country, so winning her heart should not be hard for you.

What are Spanish Brides Like

If you want to date beauties from Spain, then you need to know more about Spaniards’ character, views, and beliefs. Here are the common traits of the Spanish identity:

They are beautiful

Spanish women look way better than in any other European country. Their natural beauty is combined with well-shaped figures. And they are proud of their complexion. When British or German brides feel ashamed of their figures, the Spanish ones love their curvy fleshy bodies.

You can meet slim girls as well who adhere to a diet and go to the gym. But even if the woman is not a sports lover, she has natural curves and looks very appealing.

They are honest and open-hearted

Spanish girls usually express their thoughts directly. They know what they want from life and men, which makes them easy-going in general. If your Spanish girl is irritated with something, she will let you know about it. You will not need to guess what she feels like since she will tell you everything as it is.

They are smart

In Spain, most of the women have higher education. Spanish girls are not only well-educated but also can give you a piece of good advice in a difficult situation. It is essential for a stable relationship since a Spanish bride will be your partner, not only a beautiful doll decorating your house.

They are family-oriented

The Spaniards appreciate family values, and most of them have very close-knit families. Your Spanish girl will have hobbies, career, and friends. But she will never compromise with her family. Besides that, most of these girls in their 20s and 30s still live with their parents. Family means so much to them. She will never cheat or make a drama out of nothing.

They grow in a very traditional patriarchal environment

Throughout history, Spanish women stayed at home, nurturing children and cooking meals for their men. Men were responsible for the financial wellness of their families. Most of the families in Spain follow these traditions so far. That is why your Spanish darling will be an obedient and patient wife expecting you to make decisions and rule the family.

They are perfect and loving wives

Due to the patriarchal traditions and family-oriented values, Spanish women are incredibly good at keeping their home cozy, clean, and warm. They will nurture the children with love and care. Spanish woman will give her husband maximum care and attention as well. She will always be kind to you, make you delicious meals, and make all your desires come true in the bedroom.

They are social, talkative and playful

Just like shiny warm summer weather, these girls radiate the beams of joy and happiness. They like spending time outdoors, on the beach, with friends, and at parties.

They are looking for foreigners

Back in the 20th century, Spaniard brides had almost no freedom. They could not do what they want, marry whom they wish to, and choose a career. Nowadays, Spain is less conservative concerning women and their social status. However, in many provinces, women are still suffering from local moral norms.

That is why many women want to find love beyond Spain. A lot of Spanish girls prefer dating online to find their partners outside Spain. They are ready to travel and marry a man from western countries. Therefore, for a western man, the competition is relatively low.

Where you can meet single Spanish ladies?

spanish womenThere are numerous dating-dedicated services where you can find a Spanish soulmate on the internet. You have hundreds of dating websites to visit. There is what you should do to meet a Spanish girl online:

  1. Find a dating website.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Browse Spanish mail order brides.
  4. Meet the one you liked the most.
  5. Success. You can pack your bags and move to Spain for your girl.

At first glance, it looks simple. But in practice, you need to know about online dating a bit more. The first thing comes to dating website types. You can find two kinds of dating services on the internet. The first one is a dating site as it is. You need to create a profile, search for girls, have chats, exchange photos, etc. Both women and men can freely register an account and communicate with each other. For using such websites, you will pay a monthly commission. Some are cheap, and some are expensive. Girls on these websites expect dating, friendship, or marriage.

The second type comprises marriage agencies. Here you have marriage agents, translators, managers, and other staff who help you find a woman of your dream. These companies provide numerous types of communication, organize tours. In general, both men and women are interested in the relationship that results in marriage.

That is why, before starting dating online, you should ask yourself what you expect from the relationship in the first place.

How to find a Reliable Spanish Dating Website?

Dating online means some risks. There are thousands of kilometers between you and your Spanish girl. And there is a chance of meeting a scammer who pretends to be a nice girl. You can avoid these risks by entering a reputable dating website. Here are the signs of a good-quality website:

  • The website has a long operating history. Fraudulent sites do not exist for too long since the internet is a public space, and everyone can express their opinion.
  • It has a fair and transparent pricing policy. It does not take money for basic things that should normally be free, like reading messages and chatting. You always know what you pay for.
  • It does not have too many complaints or too much positive feedback. If it has too many complaints, it can only mean this website is not worth attention. In case it has only positive reviews, it may inflate its rating to hide its scammy nature.

6 Tips on Dating a Spanish Girl

spanish brideSpain has a unique culture and customs. Women are surrounded by traditions they have been following for centuries. That is why dating Spaniard women requires some background. Here, we are going to describe dos and don’ts for dating these beautiful women. If you follow these rules, you will make your girl’s heart melt for sure.

  • If you decide to start online dating, you should make sure your profile looks good. Your profile should represent your real personality. That is why fill in the questionnaires, upload good-quality photos, create detailed descriptions of yourself. Make sure that users can know a lot about your personality while browsing your profile. Make them already interested in you on this stage. Besides that, a well-made, complete profile ranks higher so that more girls can find you in their recommendations.
  • Be romantic. Sometimes any woman wants to be a princess for a while. And since many Spanish women appreciate traditional gender roles, they will be excited with romantic gestures. Pay for entertainment, buy flowers, and make surprises.
  • Respect her traditions. That comes to meals, clothes, and beliefs.
  • Respect her family. Be attentive to her parents and respect them. Be gentle, polite, and kind.
  • Never judge her for being late. If your woman is always late, then just accept it since the Spaniards are all a bit unpunctual.
  • Do not allow yourself to make jokes about Spanish nature or her traditions.


Now you know why Spanish women comprise the very best female part of the European population. You can meet them on numerous dating websites focused on Spain since they prefer western men for marriage. Spain mail order brides are honest and friendly. They treat their partners with care, love, and respect. We wish you good luck finding your Spanish soulmate!