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Marrying a Chinese woman is a completely different experience from marrying a woman from a western country. Chinese women have a lot of traits that set them apart from the rest of the women in Asia, as well as the rest of the world. Some of these traits include physiological traits and other behavioral traits.

Why are Chinese Women So Popular?

Chinese women are in high demand among men from America and Europe. The reason for this high level of popularity is not just their beauty but also their amazing personalities. Most foreign men venture outside of their homestead to seek these Chinese brides because they offer a lot of things that western women cannot. Here are some of the reasons why Chinese women are so popular:

Chinese brides are beautiful

Chinese women have a very angelic look. Make no mistake, not all Chinese women look alike. But they all have beautiful black hair and narrow eyes. Most of them have white skin because they believe that only the ‘elite’ care about tanning. Also, Chinese brides look forever young. Even when you get older, your wife will still look many years younger. These superior genetics will eventually transfer to your offspring.

They have slender bodies

Chinese brides have a very slim build. Most Chinese girls are short or of average height. So, it is quite rare to see a plump Chinese woman. Moreover, sports and fitness is an integral part of Chinese culture. This means that there is a lot of pressure on any Chinese woman to take care of her body and watch her weight. As a result, most Chinese women look petite and this adds a lot to their angelic physique.

Chinese brides are respectful

Chinese tradition values respect. Some of the Chinese women from less-urbanized areas of the country would go as far as not making direct eye contact with their superiors. This is something you will definitely not see in this modern wave of feminism in the west. Your Chinese bride will always remain respectful and carry themselves with decorum.

Chinese brides are timid and childish

Chinese brides like to play a lot when they are in a good mood. This might have something to do with their petite look. Chinese women have a very fun-loving attitude to life. You might not notice this at first because they are quite reserved. But when you get close to them, they tend to open up and show their true personalities. Chinese brides can be wonderful princesses when they are having fun.

Chinese women can cook

If you marry a Chinese mail order bride, you will get to learn more about the exquisite Chinese cuisine. Chinese women cook rich and healthy food. Also, since they enjoy seafood a lot, they make sure that most of the food they consume is from fresh produce. You will never have to worry about your health and nutrition. The only thing you will have to get to is their extremely spicy food!

Why Are Chinese Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

chinese women datingChina has a massive population that comprises a majority of men. So, you would think that Chinese women would not have a problem finding soulmates in China. Well, the truth is that Chinese girls are often unhappy in their marriages. Here are the reasons why Chinese brides prefer foreign suitors:

  1. Freedom of expression The Chinese government cracks down on dissenters even on non-political issues. As a result, Chinese girls are brought up to be respectful and submissive. Since these women want to express themselves freely, they choose the option of becoming mail order brides of men from the West.
  2. To escape the ‘one-child’ policy Due to the restrictions on the number of children a woman can have, Chinese brides choose to marry men from cultures that allow them control over their bodies. And what better way to escape the one-child policy than to marry a man from Australia, Europe, or America.
  3. To escape the pressures of society Since women in China are attracted to western values, they prefer to marry husbands from countries in the West. Through this kind of marriage, a Chinese mail order bride can avoid the unrealistic limitations of her society.

What are Chinese Brides Like?

It is a common misconception that all Chinese women have the same physical features. This is far from the truth. Chinese brides are very diverse not only by how they look but also by their beliefs and viewpoints.

However, the main factor that distinguishes Chinese brides is where they come from. Chinese women from the rural parts of China vary from those who come from metropolitan areas like Beijing and Shanghai. Here are some of the differences between both types of Chinese women:

Chinese women from metropolitan areas

  1. Chinese women from big cities do not really subscribe to the patriarchal system. Due to the exposure that comes from residing in big cities, they become aware of the possibilities and opportunities that exist beyond their borders.
  2. Most urban Chinese women are independent. A lot of them have a career and an education at least. A lot of these Chinese brides prefer to pursue a career because they do not want to end up as housewives.
  3. However, this does not mean that when they get married they will abandon their responsibilities. These Chinese women know how to combine family and career because they are quite industrious.
  4. Chinese brides from Beijing know all the western social and fashion trends which makes it easier for them to assimilate if they eventually decide to marry a foreigner.

Chinese women from rural areas

  1. Women from these parts of China are a bit timid due to the lack of exposure. They subscribe to the patriarchal system surrounding their upbringing.
  2. Chinese women from rural areas often prefer to become housewives because they believe that they should marry a man who can provide for them and their families.
  3. These Chinese brides are often reluctant to leave their homes to marry a foreigner. It will take a lot of effort in convincing their parents to get them to change their minds.

In general, what all these Chinese women have in common is that they are all looking to marry for love. Also, they want to get into the best possible situation for themselves and their families. Therefore, if your Chinese bride really loves you, it won’t even matter what part of the county she comes from.

Where can you meet Chinese Brides?

Nowadays, a lot of Chinese women are not afraid to leave the country for other western countries. This means that it is easier to meet your Chinese bride in your home country. However, if you want to find a Chinese bride in the home country, then you would have to travel and go through the entire hassle of traveling and accommodation.

Therefore, to eliminate this stress, you can make use of Chinese dating sites to find beautiful Chinese girls. The best dating sites are those that offer Chinese mail order bride services. These sites make it possible for foreign men to get in contact with the Chinese women of their dreams without having to leave the comfort of their home country.

How to find a Reliable Chinese Dating Website?

chinese women

For those of you who have never used a mail order bride site, you will need some guidance to find a reliable Chinese mail order brides site. Most foreigners find it difficult to find these dating sites because of a lack of familiarity in the way things work in China. Also, the language barrier makes it tougher to navigate these sites and know which ones are reliable.

Therefore, you should be careful to use sites that come highly recommended by trusted review sites. Here are some of the necessary tips on finding and using a reliable Chinese dating website:

  • Since you do not know how things work, you should register on more than one dating website and compare the services. This also helps increase your chances of meeting hot Chinese girls.
  • A legitimate Chinese mail order website should have secure encryption. You can find that symbol close to the URL of the dating site. If a site does not have that security certificate, you should steer clear of such dating websites.
  • Message different Chinese girls at the same time to see who responds.
  • If they respond, try to continue the conversation. Eventually, you should ask them to make a video call. This will help you to see what she really looks like in person. Also, if she agrees to make a video call with you, she probably fancies you.
  • You should propose to take her out on a date if you really like her.

4 Tips on Dating a Chinese Girl

  1. chinese brides

Obviously, dating a Chinese girl massively differs from dating a European lady. The sheer contrast in traditions will make things very tricky for you at first. Here are some of the tips that will help you in dating your Chinese bride:

  1. Chivalry is not a feature of Chinese culture. Your Chinese bride might not appreciate what holding a door for her means. Just try to keep things simple and let the chips fall where they may.
  2. Make your intentions known if you want to marry her. Most Chinese girls will not want to date you unless they are sure the relationship will end up in marriage.
  3. If you want to make Chinese women appreciate you, try to learn some Chinese words. They understand that it is difficult for foreigners. So, they will appreciate the effort.
  4. Make sure you meet her parents once you are sure that you are ready to marry her. The reason for this is that most parents still choose spouses for their children, especially in the rural parts of China.
  5. You should buy her gifts to impress her. But do not overdo it. Moderation is vital when dealing with Chinese brides.


Chinese women make the most wonderful marriage partners. When you marry a Chinese bride, your life will never be dull. Also, Chinese women are very industrious and find a way to balance family and career. If you think that a Chinese bride will change your life remarkably, then you should register to a Chinese mail order bride site as soon as possible!