How To Date Greek Brides: Tips And Hints

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Greek girls charm the minds of men all over the world. Who are they: beautiful down-to-Earth wives and caring mothers or unapproachable goddesses with the power of breaking your heart? In this overview, we are about to reveal everything we know about them. What makes Greek women so desired, what to do during the date with them and what to expect in the long run. Don’t hesitate to read it through and share it with your friends!

Why are Greek Mail Order Brides so Popular?

Memorable appearance

Greek mail order brides are very beautiful. Their appearance is similar to one of Italians: they have long dark hair, brown or black eyes, subtle figures, and charming olive skin tone. Still, they are taller than Italians and dress in a different way than Italians do. Local girls are not so fond of fashion and clothing than Italian girls, they do not follow trendy styles but still, know how to emphasize their beauty with what they wear.

Orientation on family

Family is one of the crucial values for Greek society and that’s why families here are big, strong, and happy. People have two or three kids and often live together with their parents and grandparents.

When it comes to building up a relationship and creating a family, gender roles are divided and strict in the nation. Men are considered to be the head of the family, the one who protects and decides the most important things for their wives and kids. Women see from a young age how their mothers and grandmothers take after the house and raise kids, therefore by the time they grow up they already know how to be housewives and what is needed to make the house a warm and cozy home. Thus if you look for the partner who will be your follower and supporter of your ideas, choose a Greek wife for living.

Great cooking skills

Greek mail order brides know how to cook and it makes them one of the most desired girls on the planet. The national cuisine of Greece is very tasty and satisfying, therefore you will not be hungry when the dinner ends.

You may wonder why cooking is so popular among Greek brides. It is part of their culture and upbringing since local girls are taught to cook from a young age. Cooking is considered as one of the skills needed to be mastered before creating a family, so you definitely won’t regret having such a wife.

Passionate temper

Greek women do not know how to hide their emotions in public. Their facial expression will always tell what they think about you, what you’re saying and whether they wish to continue a conversation with you or not. On one hand, you will hardly ever doubt her real feelings. On the other side, if she decides to put up a fight with you, the entire street will know about it. As you see, the temper of Greek people is near to one of Italians, and if you like such types of women, you should definitely try to date them.

Why Are Greek Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

greek womenEach woman wants to be loved, and these amazing ladies aren’t the exclusion. There is undoubtedly no lack of single guys in Greece. However, native ladies want to marry foreign men. They prefer men of European or American origin. It’s hard to say that there’s a sharp difference between them: men who have serious intentions and accomplished something in their life live in both parts of the world.

Greek women value the attitude of the opposite sex towards them. Incredible appearance, excellent homemaking skills, and moral values – that are valid reasons to love them. But Greek men can’t see the true value of Greek ladies’ nature. All they may offer to them is a one-night stand. But such relationships are outside the rules of these girls.

No wonder that they decide to become Greek mail order brides and try to make a life for themselves. Young women in Greece don’t give up hope to find the foreign man who will love them for who these girls are.

Each girl in the world deserves better. There’s nothing wrong with ladies’ desire to marry a foreigner. Why should the girl waste her life on unpromising guys and feel insecure all the time?

What are Greek Brides Like

They love dancing and partying

Greeks are the nation that knows how to have a rest well. They love to dance and seem to inherit this skill from their ancestors as the whole nation dances – from kids to older people. So if you enjoy such a kind of fun, choose a Greek lady to have a joyful relationship for the rest of your life.

They respect their older relatives

Beautiful greek women care about kids as well as their older relatives. If it happens that a grandmother or grandfather gets ill, all the family will pay attention to them to provide them with special love and support. Greeks will never send their relatives to live in nursing homes as they consider them unacceptable to put the people who raised them in. Even when a Greek bride lives abroad, she will travel home to visit her parents and other family members often and if someone is not feeling well, she can move back to the country to take care of them.

They are not likely to get married officially

Despite the fact that a family is one of the most cherished values for greeks, they are not likely to register their marriage officially. A couple may have two or three children by the time they finally decide to get married or they may not do it even then.

They love kids

Kids are the necessary element of family life in Greece and Greek brides love them a lot. They know how to play with them and how to care from a young age. The culture of this nation supposes that the main task for a Greek woman is to get married and have kids. It’s worth noting that Greece is a conservative country where not only family bonds are very important but religious upbringing, too. People here believe that these two things are the key to determine who you are in life.

They are very superstitious

Greek ladies do believe in all the superstitions and legends that exist in their culture. It is their bond with ancestors since this knowledge has been transferred from parents to kids for years and now it is a part of their lifestyle and belief. If you do not believe in such things, you should not say anything about it as Greeks are sure their knowledge is real and no one can doubt it.

Where you can meet single Greek ladies?

It depends on your type of personality and certain abilities. If you are an extravert person who lives in Greece, you hardly will have trouble getting to know a Greek bride. But what to do if you are not going to visit this country anytime soon and live on the other side of the globe?

You can try out online dating. Today it’s a popular way of meeting women from every corner of the world for friendship, relationship or even marriage. All it takes is finding a dating website that allows you to meet a girl of a certain nationality and begin communicating.

If you conduct some research and check a few points we outlined below, your dating online experience will be safe and fun.

How to find a Reliable Greek Dating Website?

greek girlsGo through the following checklist before you sign up to a certain dating website to know whether it’s trustworthy:

  • Testimonials. Trust those that you have found on sites other than the website of the service.
  • Terms of Use. Read it carefully, especially the policy of payment.
  • Privacy Policy. Before you give any personal information like credit card number, get to know how your data is protected.
  • Support Team. It should be available 24/7 so that any issue can be resolved quickly.
  • Contacts. This section will give you the clue whether it’s an Internet company or a real one.
  • Website usability. Your impression also matters. If you find scrolling a certain website uncomfortable or doubt whether it’s authentic, better search more and find another one.

Tips on Dating a Greek Girl

greek brides

  1. Don’t make fun of her superstitions. Since it’s part of their culture and upbringing, it may seem offensive to her if you would not take it seriously.
  2. Don’t be cheap. No, don’t get us wrong, she is not hunting for your money and you should not give it to her. But if you refuse to present her a gift or pay for your dinner, she would think you’re not interested in her at all. Greek girls love jewelry a lot, so if you spend some money on a nice item, she would be very glad.
  3. Don’t say anything criticizing her parents. No one would like to hear unpleasant things about their families and a Greek bride would be offended a lot. The same is true about her friends.
  4. Share your cultural peculiarities with her. Greek ladies love to explore the world and the differences of nations, therefore she would be eager to get to know the customs, traditions, and lifestyle of your home country.


Now you know all the secrets of Greek ladies that were known and checked by us. If you feel equipped with the knowledge and motivated to start dating, we have reached our goal. Let us know in comments on how your date was and which of our pieces of advice helped you the most. All the best in your search for a Greek lover!