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Vietnamese women are some of the most exotic ladies on the planet. They are very popular among western men. However, most of these men from Europe and America do not know what to expect from Vietnamese brides. This article discusses all the information you need to know about Vietnamese women.

Why are Vietnamese Women So Popular?

Vietnamese women are irresistible. Foreign men from all around the world get easily attracted to them. Also, Vietnamese girls look very different from women in the west. This offers a variety of options to western men.

Vietnamese brides are faithful

Vietnamese brides are always loyal to their partners. Once they decide to open up to you and start a relationship, it means that they will remain faithful to you. Also, they will expect you to be faithful and trust them at all times. If you get married to a Vietnamese mail order bride, you are sure of her loyalty as long as you are together.

Vietnamese women are attractive

First and foremost, western men cannot look past the beauty of Vietnamese women. These women have an impeccable skin tone and flowing dark hair. Vietnamese girls are some of the most attractive women in Asia because they have roots from other parts of Asia and Eastern Europe.

Vietnamese brides are quiet

Loudness is not something that you can associate Vietnamese women with. They are mostly reserved and calm. Vietnamese girls often look timid and sometimes might not even initiate a conversation especially when they do not know you well enough. However, when they get closer to you, they often become more open. You don’t have to worry about boisterous ladies who want to argue about anything. This is not a problem with Vietnamese girls.

Vietnamese brides are ambitious

A Vietnamese girl will immediately take up any opportunity to embark on a new challenge. Vietnamese women are not afraid to marry a western man. They are always prepared to explore other cultures where they can freely express themselves. Vietnamese women know that they can secure a better life for themselves and their children in the West. Therefore, you do not have to worry about convincing her to leave her country.

Vietnamese women can cook

Cooking is a very important aspect of Vietnam culture. As a result, Vietnamese women grow up to be very good cooks. Not only do they learn their local cuisine, they also know how to cook other meals from other international cuisines. If you marry a Vietnamese woman, you will be sure to come back home to healthy, home-cooked meals.

Why Are Vietnamese Mail Order Brides Looking for A Foreign Husband?

vietnamese girlsVietnamese women are attractive and tender, and they want to find men who will adore their beauty and treat them like queens. In their country, family traditions are pretty unfair – a female must sit at home, clean the house, cook, and wait until her husband comes back from work. These girls believe that foreign guys will see beautiful creatures in them who deserve to be loved.

In Vietnam, men often forget to make romantic gestures like giving presents or compliments. Besides, they don’t think that a female may have her needs and goals, including career growth, education, and personal development.

Another reason that explains why Vietnamese women decide to search for a partner from abroad is connected with restrictions set in their country. The girl’s choice may be limited if the man she loves is poorer than she is or he’s from a dysfunctional family. Females from this country are tired of this situation, and they strive to follow their hearts when it comes to relationships. That’s why they rely on international matchmaking platforms and hope that men from abroad will help them escape from strict local traditions.

What are Vietnamese Brides Like?

The conservative and patriarchal setting of Vietnam directly affects Vietnamese women. It is obvious that they are very respectful and reserved when dealing with men and older people. Here are some of the traits that make Vietnamese brides unique:

Vietnamese brides look cute

Vietnamese brides simply look cute. They have this angelic appearance which immediately warms the heart at first glance. Also, they have narrow eyelids, round faces and always wear a wonderful smile. The skin tones of Vietnamese brides have a little bit of tan, and this makes them look even prettier.

Vietnamese brides are petite

The most striking feature of Vietnamese women is their slender figures. Most Vietnamese brides look like petite princesses. Also, most of the girls from Vietnam are of average height. The probability of running into an overweight Vietnamese bride is pretty small. Also, when they get older, Vietnamese women take much more time to age than women from the west. This means that your Vietnamese bride will look very young even when she becomes advanced in age.

Vietnamese brides love fitness

Vietnamese brides follow a healthy lifestyle. These women value fitness and nutrition. Also, they have a genetic composition that ensures that they do not have to work too hard in the gym to get back in shape. All these factors in combination are responsible for the petite, slender look of Vietnamese brides.

They love fashion

Vietnamese brides are in tune with the latest fashion trends all over the world. They always dress smartly in every setting. They also wear makeup to beautify their faces. However, Vietnamese brides do not use too much makeup. At least, you know that the person you see online will not look completely different in real life. And when they put on makeup, they are really looking to impress you.

They are very feminine

Vietnamese brides exhibit all the typical feminine traits. They are playful, and always have a positive vibe around them. Vietnamese girls also love taking care of themselves. They are never shy to put on make-up and dress up to go out on a date or just with friends. Vietnamese women do not like to challenge their men just to show their superiority. This is a breath of fresh air for western men who are tired of hearing about feminism.

Where can you meet Vietnamese Brides?

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a lot of beautiful women. This country is a very popular tourist destination for Europeans and Americans. If you want to meet beautiful Vietnamese girls, you should travel to Vietnam.

However, the problem of traveling is a discouragement to most foreigners. The risk of being in a country with a completely different climate and culture is not something every individual can handle. In order to avoid this problem, the services of Vietnamese dating sites come in handy.

What these sites offer is an opportunity to meet beautiful Vietnamese mail order brides without having to leave the comfort of your home.

How to find a Reliable Vietnamese Dating Website?

vietnamese bridesWhen you are looking for a Vietnamese mail order bride site, you will find out that it is very difficult to differentiate the fake sites from reliable Vietnamese dating sites. To find a reliable dating site, you will have to read the reviews on sites that analyze the services provided by these Vietnamese dating sites.

However, if you want to find the site on your own, here are some of the steps you need to take in order to protect yourself from malicious dating sites:

  • Before you register on a Vietnamese dating site, you should check to see if the site has a secure verification process
  • Make sure that the site has 24/7 customer support for the users
  • Get acquainted with the Terms and conditions of privacy
  • Reach out only to Vietnamese brides with verified profiles
  • Once you get a response from one of these Vietnamese women, follow up communication
  • Try to recommend video calls to advance the conversation
  • Reliable Vietnamese mail order bride sites come with a translator and the possibility to buy gifts for your asian bride.

5 Tips on Dating a Vietnamese Girl

vietnam womenDue to their upbringing, Vietnamese women are not really that expressive. This is a key differentiating factor with women from the west. You will have to pay attention to her carefully to know what she feels:

  1. Be patient with her. Vietnamese brides usually take their time to open up to strangers and comfortably express how they feel. At first, she might decline your invitation to a date. Eventually, if she agrees on going on a date with you, the location should be somewhere public. This will make her feel relaxed and less reluctant about going out with you.
  2. Respect her culture. You should never try to make fun of her culture even if you think it does not make sense. Vietnamese brides have a lot of reverence for their culture and also expect that their partners will also respect these traditions. It will even do you good to learn some aspects of their culture. They are quite interesting.
  3. Don’t talk about the war. Even if you love history, do not mention the war around your Vietnamese bride for any reason. This is a very sensitive topic for all Vietnamese people and can easily sour the mood on a date or in a relationship. Stay away from politics in general, especially if you are from the United States.
  4. Contact her parents. Before you talk of marrying your Vietnamese mail order bride, you should try to contact her parents to know if they approve of you. It really doesn’t matter, but it will still go a long way in making things a bit formal.
  5. Shower her with gifts. Vietnamese brides love when you buy them gifts and make them surprises. This shows them that you are showing initiative in the relationship. They appreciate these little gestures massively.


In summation, Vietnamese brides make ideal wives for any suitor. They are extremely beautiful, playful and calm. Also, Vietnamese women love having fun and taking care of their close ones. If you are convinced that a Vietnamese bride will add some light to your life, you should go ahead and register on a Vietnamese mail order bride site right away!