How To Attract Moldova Brides in 2021: Ultimate Tips And Hints

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moldova girlsDating a person of other nationality and cultural background has become very popular lately and there are a few reasons why.

First, ladies of other nationalities are likely to have an uncommon appearance.

Second, they value the things that may be unpopular in your home country but still, important to you.

Third, international marriages are often filled with joy, adventures and a lot of traveling back and forth to her relatives and your family.

In this guide, we invite you to get to know Moldovan women, with all their features and all their interests. Also, we will give you a few direct tips regarding dating them to make your experience even more successful.

Why Moldova Brides Are so Popular?

Outer beauty

Many men value the natural beauty of women and say that it is an important criterion for their ideal lady. The appearance of the Moldovan girls can satisfy the most demanding men as these women are very attractive. They mostly have dark glossy hair and hazel or dark brown eyes. Their tender features of face and olive tone of skin won’t leave you indifferent once you see them.

Moldovan brides know how to emphasize their beauty with the clothes they wear. However, you will hardly see them wearing the latest trends. Instead, they have a unique style that makes them stand out from ladies from other post-Soviet nations.

Traditional values

If you prefer conservative values over modern ones, you will be pleased to know that Moldovan ladies have them too.

In Moldova, brides are not career-oriented or willing to compete with men for the best position at work and higher salaries. Usually, they look for a job that is convenient in terms of working hours so that they will be able to dedicate their time to families. Moreover, once you have a baby with a Moldovan lady, she will leave her profession for some time to devote herself fully to your child.

Homekeeping skills

As Moldova women see themselves mainly as mothers and wives, they consider housekeeping to be their priority task while they are at home raising children. What’s more, this kind of work is not hard for them and they tend to do it with pleasure. Thus, if you want your home to be your fortress that no trouble can come through, choose a Moldovan woman as your partner and she will fill your house with joy and comfort.

Why Are Moldovan Mail Order Brides Looking for a Foreign Husband?

moldova bridesMoldovan girls strive to find foreign partners because guys in this country don’t understand how unique their females are. They don’t treat women appropriately – the romantic period doesn’t last for a long time, and a love story turns into a grey reality.

Many local men become alcoholics because of the lack of job positions and the inability to find the aim in life. Of course, some of them drink a lot because they like it, but what should a girl do with such a partner? It’s not surprising why Moldovan females try to find happiness in relationships with foreign men who put their families in the first place.

Another explanation of why local women are searching for partners from abroad is unsatisfying living conditions in the country. Moldova has many economic problems, and it may not be the best place for raising kids and maintaining a family. Females strive to provide their future children with all the possible opportunities, including education and career. Living in a country with a stable economic situation is the best choice for Moldovan women. Some of them have passed through tough circumstances, and they don’t want their kids to suffer the same fate.

What are Moldova Brides Like

They are supportive

Moldovan mail order brides are very supportive of their men. They are raised by customs that presuppose women to be the main inspiration and backing for their husbands. No matter what happens in life, a Moldovan lady will be by your side, cheering you up in your darkest days.

They are great mothers

As we mentioned earlier, family means a lot in Moldova. Girls here learn from a young age to be caring mothers and wives as they have the example of their mothers and grandmothers in front of them. By the time Moldovan brides decide to get married, they know how to nurse and play with kids, feed them and take care of their health. Is your dream lady the best mother of two or three kids? If so, consider dating a Moldovan girl.

They follow their husband’s will

In Moldova, a bride is the first person to obey the man. It may be not comfortable for men who look for emancipated women, but if you wish to have a patriarchal family, a woman from this country is the perfect match for you. It doesn’t mean that your Moldovan wife will have no view of how you should live together, but still, you will have the last word on the most important issues.

Where you can meet Moldova Brides?

If you live in Moldova, women for dating and romance can be found everywhere you go: in the bar, at work or the university, if you happen to study in this country. Still, these ladies might be already ‘stolen’ by other men or not interested in communication with a foreigner. One more drawback of offline meeting is the low level of English among local girls. But what to do if you still wish to get to know Moldova brides?

Online dating is the answer to your dilemma. Signing up on a dating platform will give you a chance to find what you are looking for, since ladies who have registered here are eager to meet foreigners, and are likely to know English much better than girls on the street of Chisinau.

How to find a Reliable Moldovan Dating Website?

moldova womenWhen searching for a trustworthy website to start dating online, please remember to check a few points before you sign up:

  1. Usability of a website. That’s the first thing you’ll notice when visiting the site. Pay attention to whether it’s easy to scroll, how many ad banners are there, and whether you are redirected to any other pages. If you see that by opening one tab you get three more pages popping up in your browser, avoid using such a website. It may be not only uncomfortable but also harmful to your data.
  2. A price list. Look at a few websites and compare them in terms of services and prices. If one is too expensive while the others are on the same price level, refuse to use the first one. Online dating should not cost you a fortune.
  3. Guarantees. Look for a respective section on the website or try to find any info through a search field. A reliable company promises its customers to give money back in case of their dissatisfaction with the service.
  4. Payment security. Information on payment methods should be stated in the prices section of a dating website. Read it carefully to make sure your credit card information will not be stolen at the moment of the transaction.
  5. Terms of use and customer’s data safety. Checking this section will help you understand whether the company is real or fake and learn how it cares about personal data that is given by customers in the moment of registration.

Tips on Dating a Moldova Brides

Be generous

No matter whether you only started dating online or already moved to offline dates, don’t be afraid to show your generosity. It’s okay to send flowers to a lady you admire and take her to a fancy restaurant for the first date. You may think that you have to spend a fortune to win the heart of a Moldovan bride, but don’t get us wrong: you should not buy her clothes or give money directly. It will not bring you points and may even insult her. Instead, invite her to dinner or a special date on the rooftop, for example. In Moldova, it wouldn’t cost you a lot since prices here are much cheaper than in Western Europe or the US.

Be a gentleman

All ladies of the post-Soviet countries love it a lot when men show them their respect and care. Help to take off her coat, open the door for her, help her sit in a cafe, etc. All of these small gestures are meaningful for girls from Moldova.

Don’t forget that your care should be genuine. If you do everything listed above but do not put your sincerity into your actions, she will notice it.

Be witty and intelligent

Moldovan ladies like men who have a good sense of humor. Telling a joke will help to break the ice once you’ve met and will make her feel comfortable around you. Also, remember that you have to be an interesting person to draw the attention of a Moldovan woman. Tell her about your hobbies and job, recollect some funny stories that happened to you during your business trip, for example, and don’t forget to encourage her to speak up.

Watch your clothes and style

In Moldova, mail order brides admire men who wear stylish clothes and know how to look appropriately in any situation. It doesn’t mean you should be ahead of world fashion trends or wear the latest collections of Gucci and D&G to impress a Moldovan lady. All you have to do is find your style and wear simple clothes that match each other well, e.g. white shirt, gray pullover, and dark blue jeans. Add a pair of classy sneakers and your outfit for the first date is ready. Simple as that.

Date one lady at a time

It’s okay to communicate with several girls simultaneously before you choose the one to settle down with. But if you have come to Moldova already, don’t try to date a few girls simultaneously. It’s a small country where even the capital is not big. Therefore, the chances of being spotted with different ladies in the same places are high.


Entering the world of online dating can be confusing for the first time, especially if you have no one to help you or give a bit of advice. But you might have noticed already that attracting Moldovan ladies is not a tough task to handle. All it takes is to follow our guidelines and choose a reliable website to start dating. If you found our tips and hints helpful, feel free to let us know and share this article with your friends. We would appreciate your feedback.