Create the Marriage You Want Right in the Middle of the Relationship You Have


Does your marriage foster emotional intimacy? Do you know how to prevent arguments without avoiding hot topics? Do you feel appreciated? Learn simple secrets to keep your love and happiness growing stronger every day.

It Takes More Than Love

It does take more than love to make your relationship everything you hoped it would be. It also takes knowledge, some solid ground rules, and a general plan.

That’s where we come in. We can provide you with:

  • Advice and insights from happily married couples
  • Habits that will make sustaining a happy relationship almost effortless
  • Information to help you strengthen your married life skills
  • Time-saving tips to communicate and get the desired results
  • A plan to merge individual expectations into a common vision
  • Resources for topics you’d like to explore further

We’ll provide time-tested ideas. You provide love, respect, and the integrity necessary to make the ideas succeed in your relationship.

Implement any combination of the ideas from this website. You’ll delight in immediate, positive results. The more you implement, the happier you will be.

Being Happily Married Has Significant Benefits

Compared to those who remain single, are divorced or unhappily married, happily married couples enjoy:

  • better health
  • greater job success
  • increased financial security
  • secure children more likely to succeed and less likely to be obese
  • superior quality of life
  • longer life

Staggering, isn’t it?

Is marriage on your mind? Seriously dating? Engaged? Newlyweds? Married a few years? Married with children?

If so, a happy marriage should be worth quite a bit to you. And the best news is:

A Happy Marriage Is Well Within Reach

And it doesn’t cost a penny. It doesn’t take money to be happily married.

We know that personally. We teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and lived below the poverty level for seven years. Since we had been successful corporate executives, our happiness amazed our friends.

Now we have been happily married for more than 32 years. Despite facing more crises than we ever thought we’d experience, our relationship has thrived and grown stronger each year. If you’d like to know more about our misadventures and history read Our Story. What enabled us to be successful? The advice of two strangers. We didn’t ask for their input. We certainly didn’t think we needed “marriage help.” But we listened to be polite.

Their simple suggestions made sense. The effort to apply their ideas was modest.

The Results Are Incredible!

Because of their input, we have:

  • Greatly improved relationship skills
  • Uncomplicated communication that gets the desired results
  • A focused team effort that comes naturally
  • Common expectations
  • A firm knowledge of what we can count on from each other
  • Simplified holidays and special events
  • A deep sense of belonging and security
  • Very few misunderstandings
  • Discussions rather than arguments
  • The comfort of knowing we’re loved just the way we are
  • The joy of feeling loved right down to the tips of our toes

32 years later we continue to benefit every day.

We’re Paying It Forward

We begged our benefactors to put their secrets in writing. They told us to do it. When they died without doing so, we knew we had to take action.

How could we not share this information with others?

We wrote the award-winning book Mastering Marriage to share the advice they gave us. And now we’re taking what we know online.

You’ll Find the Advice We Received on This Website

Plus we added tips we developed. And we’ve invited other happily married couples to share their secrets on these pages as well. You will discover:

Your love will grow stronger and you will be happier every year.


I'm a happily married guy who was divorced 5 times! Now I have 3 kids together with my last wife and this is the only marriage I managed to do right. Thanks to my extensive experience I know more about marriage than all couples from my area together. My wife and I are writing here to help you build a decent relationship and a strong family like we did.