Is Marriage Advice Right for You?


Some People Are Just Not Built for Marriage Advice

Find out if you are one of them or not.



Marriage advice is for couples who:

  • Have a good marriage and want to make it the best it can be
  • Love and respect each other
  • Want their love to grow stronger each year
  • Enjoy doing things together
  • Are open to new ideas
  • Would like to create or fine-tune a mutual vision for their marriage
  • Have the personal integrity to keep their word
  • Recognize that life throws everyone a curveball now and then
  • Want to work as a team to address life’s challenges
Advice is NOT adequate for couples who:

  • Have serious or chronic problems
  • Are crippled by substance abuse, rage, depression, grief, or illness
  • Suffer from physical, mental, or emotional abuse
  • Are not trustworthy
  • Do not respect their partner
  • Can’t hold a rational discussion

This Website can NOT help you. You need to work with a licensed therapist or counselor. A good place to start is with a marriage-friendly therapist.

Everything in life works best if it is fine-tuned, properly maintained, and given an occasional tune-up. Cars, equipment, homes, buildings, and our bodies all work best when kept in proper working order with regular maintenance, an occasional tune-up, and repairs when needed.

Marriage is no different. That’s what this Website is all about: giving you ideas to help your marriage run smoothly.

And here’s our first piece of advice! Ask yourself: “Do I need marriage advice or a different perspective?”

Many folks seek advice – not to find great ideas, but to get ammunition – to prove they are right. If that sounds familiar, give yourself and your partner a break. With very few exceptions (abuse and infidelity come to mind), there is no right or wrong in a marriage. Things appear wrong when your partner has a different expectation than you have for a given situation. When your expectations are the same, everything looks right to both of you.

Would You Benefit From a New Perspective?

Aligning your expectations will give you a fabulous perspective on your marriage. It will also make the world of your marriage feel right to both of you. Our Creating Shared Expectations explores various aspects of this topic.

We also hope you’ll check out the Best Marriage Advice we ever received! You’ll be delighted to see how much emotional angst is eliminated when you implement this terrific tool.

For other great ideas, click on the link to any of the Related Topics listed in the navigation bar to the left. You’ll be on your way to enriching your marriage. Apply the ideas suggested on this site and you’ll grow happier and more in love in your marriage.


I'm a happily married guy who was divorced 5 times! Now I have 3 kids together with my last wife and this is the only marriage I managed to do right. Thanks to my extensive experience I know more about marriage than all couples from my area together. My wife and I are writing here to help you build a decent relationship and a strong family like we did.